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Bakura vi Britannia
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Hello again, back with another upload. I've been on a bit of a drawing kick lately.

This time I drew Yami Bakura dressed up as Lelouch Lamperouge. He's dressed as Zero to be more specific, the leader of the Black Knights. I had this idea to draw Bakura dressed up as Lelouch for awhile. I'm obsessed with Code Geass. I just loved that series. It's definitely a new favorite anime of mine.

The small story I have about this: Ruri made the Zero cosplay for Bakura. He wanted to cosplay as Lelouch and Ruri agreed to make it for him. He's showing it off for her and she's happy because he likes it (and also thinks he looks good.) Meanwhile Ryou off to the side (or in the millennium ring, you decide) says, "Really?" as he sweatdrops cause he thinks Bakura looks silly. Meanwhile, Bakura grabs his millennium ring, and says, "I'm going to destroy you pharoah!"

Ryou replies sarcastically, "You just keep telling yourself that. Cause it worked out so well last time." Then he rolled his eyes skyward.

Ruri looks on as confusion sets into her magenta eyes, not understanding what was going on. But she didn't care as she was sastisfed with her work and glad that her boyfriend, Bakura likes it. (yeah I ship Ruri with Bakura cause I can.)


Overall, I spent roughly 3ish hours on this drawing. The hardest part was drawing Lelouch's outfit probably. I really enjoyed coloring this one as Lelouch's Zero costume is very colorful. Lots of purple and yellow with black and red. I really like how it came out.

I wanted to share this art with you all here as well as on my DA. So please enjoy. Probably more drawings to come soon.

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