Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 8th: Recently Created

OCtober 8th: Recently Created

Today's OCtober challenge is "A recently created OC". I haven't made a new OC in over a year now, but Moira was probably my most recent. She is the late wife of King Dheginsea of Goldoa (from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel Radiant Dawn ), and the mother of Rajaion, Almedha, and Kurthnaga, the princes and princess of that kingdom. I made her up because my sister and I were doing a lot of Rajaion-related story making, and while there isn't a whole lot of thought and backstory put into her, she needed to be around for a few stories (like ones about the Three Heroes of old, or the one about Izuka inventing a time travel elixir and General Jarod stealing and drinking it. But anyway). What we do know about her is that she made a mean sandwich, got stuck dealing with Lehran's whininess a lot, and was the best harmonica player in all of Tellius (until she died, upon which Rajaion became the best harmonica player in all of Tellius). She succumbed to an unspecified disease not very long after Kurth was born, so he doesn't remember her, but the older siblings and Ena remember her quite fondly.

Apologies for their skin coloring; I did it with a crayon because you can never trust a marker for a good skin tone. It looked a lot better in person. And while Goldoans are usually quite tan, I also didn't mean to make everybody look like President Trump. Whoops.

Fire Emblem Fan Art
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