Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 30th: Most Fun To Draw

OCtober 30th: Most Fun To Draw
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Today's OCtober challenge was too hard. It was, "The OC you had the most fun drawing", and that's super hard to choose! Plus it might very likely have been somebody I already did this month, and I promised myself there would be no repeats. Originally I was just going to do one of these guys, but they're so much more fun as a group! So here they are, in chibi form because I'm too busy to draw everybody full-fledged today.

This is a family who can control the elements - Mom and Dad had light and darkness, and the nine kids each had either one of the classic four elements (water, earth, fire, air) or a sub-element (e.g. ice). They were for a story I started doing that ended up with a plot that was rather boring, and also had more holes in it than Swiss cheese, but the characters themselves were still big fun to play around with.

TOP LEFT: Yoj (wind) is holding Breeze (also wind) and hovering next to Kaze (also also wind - don't ask me why there were so many wind peeps).
BOTTOM LEFT: Pur (fire) is striking a flirty pose for no reason. Ignis (lava) is rolling her eyes at him. She rolls them so often it's a wonder they're still in her head.
CENTER: Lux (light) is holding up his beloved Skotia (dark).
TOP RIGHT: Ge (rock) is holding Terra (earth) on his arm. I'm really not sure how he ended up so big and so weird while all his siblings look almost like normal humans. Maybe Skotia is actually a mad scientist who likes to make golems?
BOTTOM RIGHT: Hudor (ice) is just chilling (get it?) next to Aqua (water), who is also being flirty for no reason.

Enjoy my beautiful weirdos! ¯|_(ツ)_/¯

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