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A Memorable Moment
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(From left to right: Alder, Micaiah, Black Knight, Jarod. Yune is Micaiah's bird.)

I took some liberties with this one. Alder wasn't there quite yet, and Micaiah wasn't so jolly. ;) I felt like drawing this because I feel like my siblings and I weren't able to get the full effect of playing the Tellius Series of Fire Emblem, because we played Radiant Dawn first. The main thought that came to my mind being that when the Black Knight appeared in this level, it wasn't like: "Whoa!! It's the Black Knight, what is he doing here??!!!!!!!". It was more like: "Whoa, who's this guy?". Also, for some reason, I really like drawing the Black Knight. (My sibies think it's because he's covered in armor.)

This is dedicated to CrazyOldReb, because I think she might like Jarod.

Question!: While I was drawing this, what was the majority of music I was listening to from? You'll never figure it out. ;)

Fire Emblem Fan Art
Alder, Alondite, Begnion, Black Knight, BlueVanguard, FE10, FE9, Fire Emblem, General Jarod, Jarod, Micaiah, Path Of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Yune
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