BlueVanguard (Fan Art Portfolio) The Buddy Jump

The Buddy Jump
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I should've gotten to this sooner, but, oh well. I wasn't sure what action I wanted at first, but settled for the buddy jump from Mario Super Sluggers. I would've liked to have a better background, but I just did a classic scribble style one. :) I'd like to thank Kita for this challenge, 'cause it pushed me to get drawing again. Ike is supposed to also be in the air, but when coloring the background I think that effect was lost.

Here are the reference pictures: (I reversed this first one) Clickity Click

When drawing this, some sisters and I thought of names for all the baseball teams in Tellius:

Greil Mercenaries
Crimean Knights
Daein Liberators
Begnion Oppressors
Central Soldiers
Sienne Shields
Gallian Guards
Phoenicis Predators
Kilvas Scavengers
Goldoan Royals
Hatari Howlers

And the old Daein team used to be called the Daein Riders.

Thank you for the challenge, and enjoy!

Fire Emblem Fan Art
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