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Halloween Night
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= This drawing is actually two drawings in one...I made the Yuzu and Asmodeues part first followed by the other part featuring Alice Liddell and Elliot March from the Heart no Kuni no ALice visual novel/otome game series.

For the first part, I drew Yuzu being carried by Asmodeues with Golbat carrying a Pumpkaboo in the background. This was my attempt to make it more Halloweeny.

For the second part, I added ALice and Elliot...this was drawn for somebody as part of a gift exchange on the Heart no Kuni no Alice fan discord.

I also noticed a lot of my costume choices seemed to be Sailor Moon related. It's one of my favorite anime series and it has many iconic characters. I tried to choose costume themes that I felt would best fit the characters. Overall, I like how it turned out. Please let me know your thoughts.


Characters: Yuzu Hiiragi as Princess Serenity (being carried/from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V), Asmodeus as Yang Xiao Long (volume 2 alt outfit, carrying Yuzu), Alice Liddell as Sailor Mars and Elliot March as Tuxedo Mask
Theme; Halloween/Crossover cosplay
Materials; Sketchbook, pencil, pen (for line art), colored pencils, Phone camera (for taking pictures of art), PicsArt for color enhancing
Time: 2 hours roughly+ a day or more...


Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
alice, alice in the country of hearts, alice liddell, anime, asmodeus, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, characters cosplaying other charact, cosplay, elliot march, golbat, halloween fanart, heart no kuni no alice, hiiragi yuzu, moon princess, pokemon, princess serenity, pumpkaboo, rwby, sailor mars, sailor moon, tuxedo kamen, tuxedo mask, umineko no naku koro ni, yang xiao long, yu-gi-oh arc-v, yuzu hiiragi, yuzu hiragi
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