Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) The Sun Will Set For You...

The Sun Will Set For You...

-I FINALLY completed this drawing and now I'm free to move onto another drawing I want to do. I have been procrastinating on this one for the past few weeks or so...reason being, the poses and perspective were giving me trouble. I decided to make myself complete this drawing come hell or high water...so I did.

-The drawing features Dee (left) and Dum (right) holding their long halberd axes in front of Rika (middle) as she looks over her shoulder. I based this drawing and poses off of an image from a Heart no Kuni no Alice artbook scan I found online awhile back. Dee kind of went off the page in the original image so I...kinda improvised. And Rika has her red and purple eyes based on my story series....so yeah.

-Am I completely satisfied with it? I'm not sure...it did turn out ok in the end....I admit there is some small proportion issues....I really did try my best...I also tried to give this one some perspective where as the further away the characters are from the camera, the smaller they look..it ain't perfect but...eh...I tried...

-Anyways, it's done. I'd really like some feedback on this. I did my best.

Alice in the Country of Hearts Fan Art
alice in the country of hearts, axes, bloody twins, crossover, crossover shipping, furude rika, halberds, heart no kuni no alice, higurashi no naku koro ni, looking over shoulder, rika furude, traditional art, tweedle dee, tweedle dum
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