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Courage the cowardly dog!
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Okay I'll admit I'm surprised that there was a category for Courage the cowardly dog! I didn't think I'd find it, but here we are! XD
This was something I painted back in October. I was practicing painting with gouache and I really wanted to paint Courage.
When I painted this I was actually watching clips of Courage episodes, specifically the episode of King Ramses. I know a lot of people got freaked out with that episode, but it never actually scared me. King Ramses was not really scary, but his jingle was very catchy! lmao
Ironically the pilot episode "The chicken from outer space" scared me. Even as an adult I kind of get a little freaked out when I watch the part where Eustace transforms into a freaking chicken. It's disturbing!
anyways this was a very fun drawing, and I hope to do more drawings of Courage and some other characters when things in my life settle down!

Courage the Cowardly Dog Fan Art
Courage, gouche, toyotami, traditional art
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