Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) Lia - a Woodland Warrior

Lia - a Woodland Warrior
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Thanks for posting this challenge, Mushroom! It's fun to get on board with those.

This is Lia tis Nay. She's a secondary character from my original story, Silen Fah. As yet this story is unpublished, but I have high hopes!

Lia is a siltur, which means "tree person" in her world's language. She lives in Silen Fah, a wooded country on a planet with two suns, inhabited by many strange races of people and animals. According to their world's creation mythology, Lia and her people were made from the trees, and they take this story very seriously. Most silturen live in small tribes deep within the forest, where they watch over their woodlands and protect them from outside harm - especially from the neighboring country of the Merfaen tiz Ornaru. Lia is a bit unusual in this respect - instead of staying with her tribe to reactively protect the forest, she's moved into a town run by another race of Silen Fah, the Jelturen. There, she helps out in the ongoing war against the Merfaen - and also acts as a guide of sorts, to the small group of humans who have mysteriously arrived in her world....

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