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Silver Samuel
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Totally not a self-insert

This is very basic, but sometimes a simple OC design is the best. Now the story on the other hand...

"Silver Samuel", once an American soldier and boxer, now leads a tightly knit group who call themselves the Silver Shield Brigade in the capital city of chaos known as Roanapur. Initially, he and his team were in the shadows, but while tensions between Roanapur's crime bosses were at their highest, they made their appearance known by conducting several assaults on key players as well as overtaking Roanapur's police department almost overnight.

As a young man, Samuel initially planned on ascending the military ranks in order to fight for what he believed was justice and peace, but after challenging the ethics of one of his superiors' decisions, he saw himself in the crosshairs of dishonest soldiers who tried to keep the situation under wraps (kinda like Shane from Roberta's Blood Trail, but more personal).

After several attempts were made on his life, Samuel was finally challenged by one of his superiors to a boxing match, which was supposed to be a humiliation ritual if not for the man's ignorance to Samuel's pugilist background. The fight resulted in his superior's death, and his unit was split apart. One portion of his unit came to his defense, while the other portion saw him as a murderer, and another portion were too scared to voice their opinions. Since the incident was spurred by his superior and witnesses testified that Samuel was not the aggressor, he was spared the charge of murder, but the damage was already done. The situation made national headlines.

Some of those who testified in Samuel's favor had to be placed in witness protection agencies, some couldn't handle the pressure and took their own lives, others were retaliated against and had their careers blemished, some were able to still ascend the ranks, but had to rebuke their association with him. Samuel himself was ostracized by members of his unit, soldiers who were friends of his superior, and even the family of the man who died tried to come after him.

Scarred and morally wounded, Samuel thought himself a Black Cat and opted to leave and pursue his own goals. With a group of close contacts and old friends he made along the way, they made their way to Roanapur.

He sets off to establish the Silver Shield Brigade in Roanapur and sets himself up as the new police entity. Instead of warring with the other bosses in Roanapur, he fashions the Silver Shield Brigade as a "referee" to their machinations and refuses to engage in any of the drug trade or selling of information unless it is pertinent to him or other members of his newfound family.

Silver Samuel still holds onto his Moral Compass (an actual item he keeps with him), is usually formal, polite, and even makes sacrifices for people he does business with, but in the times he needs to become brutal and unforgiving, he prefers to get a little...hands on. He has a personal soft-spot for people who abuse their power to bully the weak who can't fight back, and it is the quickest thing to make him lace up his special-made impact gloves with sharp metal studs in the knuckles. But when he does, he often feels a sense of guilt and shame for the boxing match death, and even still has flashbacks to it in certain circumstances.

I'm a big fan of Black Lagoon, and the fandom comes in layers.

At the simple, base level, it can be a mindless seinen action series about guns, explosions, violence, drinking, and swearing.
Peel back another layer and it's an interesting character study of how a normal blue-collar man living in a modernized world fares in a lawless society of violence and criminals.
Go even deeper and there's a bit of historic fiction, inspired by many real events and political turmoil of the real world, but it's used to set the stage for the antics of the Lagoon Company.

Hope you enjoy,
P.S: I may/may not actually write out the fanfiction with his story in Black Lagoon, but that anime is really gritty and violent so it may be too heavy.

Black Lagoon Fan Art
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