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Fidane: The Blood Monarch
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Hopefully I made it in time!

Apologies if it comes in at the last minute.
Apologies for not coloring.
Apologies if having her legs out causes trouble, when drawing it I made her abdomen large but didn't have enough space for all of the way to her feet.

I've been meaning to draw this OC of mine for a while since I'm trying to practice drawing female figures more since I have a lot of female OCs.

This is Empress Fidane (pronounced "fee-dawn"), The Blood Monarch.
She's a side-character and somewhat foil of the main character from an old story I wrote and am still in the process of editing.

Fidane is the empress of the largest superpower on a fiery planet (like Mustafar from Star Wars). At the age of 15, the responsibility of Empress was forced upon her since her mother, the previous Empress, had grown mentally incapable and insane after waging an extensive military campaign in order to retain their monopolistic control of the planet's energy reserves.

Fidane's goal was to undo the political turmoil and restore peace. Unfortunately, several attempts were made on her life by not only external forces, but even insurgents who found their way into the highest levels of power. Even though she understood the unstable conditions, her rage bubbled and her peace campaign fell to the forced skirmishes. She unleashed her power, instilling fear in her enemies, earning her name as The Blood Monarch based on the Butterfly-shaped flames that appear when she uses her power.

Her introduction takes place when she requests the main character, a descendant of her mother's mortal rival, to assist her in peace talks with other nations as well as act as an aid to her bodyguard services since she can't even trust those closest to her.
Do they end up finding peace or is this just another grand battle to rattle the next generation of leaders?

Fidane was raised in luxury, taught by the finest scholars and sportsmen, and doted on by her father, mother, and loyal servants for most of her life. As a result, she carries herself like the royalty she is, even though her fashion choices (hair, makeup, and jewelry) usually depart from what most people would see as the conservative or reserved appearance for a young woman. She does this purposefully to disarm her opposition as well as practice keeping her temper under control.

Fidane is normally regal, composed, and stoic, even when speaking on emotional or personal matters she speaks in a straightforward tone. Unfortunately, she has grown emotionally repressed and it takes a lot to get her guard down.

Hope you enjoy,

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