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Sorry I'm so late to the party! Here's my entry for the "Mr. Jones and Me" challenge. I went back and forth for a long time about who my favorite character really was - Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or Vellatra from my own stories, but decided in the end that Link might be more fun to do. So here we are!

Picture One: "How would he react to meeting you? What would you say to him if you met him in his world?"
I'd probably make a fool of myself to be honest, I'd be so starstruck! But he's a generally kind and understanding guy so I think we'd get past that initial flustering.

Picture Two "Would you like to go for a drink?"
Love to! I'd have to settle for Lon Lon Milk with the baby on board, but maybe some other time I could come back for a real drink-drink.

Pictures Three and Four: "Would you like to train under each other?"
I probably wouldn't have many skills Link would be interested in (unless he surprises me and wants to take up knitting...). But I'd have a lot of fun learning under him! And he could teach me all kinds of stuff, from archery to goat farming, and many things in between. That would be really cool.

Picture Five: "Would you even get along, or is one of you so odd that you'd clash?"
I think we'd get along pretty well! I might not be a world-saving adventurer, but we otherwise share a lot of interests and could probably have a lot of fun together.

Thanks again for the challenge, Kazamas! Hope you enjoy my entry. It was fun to do.

Zelda Fan Art
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