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The Blacksmith: Journey to the Eastern Continent
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Welcome to my first Manga the Blacksmith! It has a complex story thats hard to here's the "setting":

Setting: The world is set in a Chinese culture. The continents are split up by different seasons they are primarily set in, Tudi Re (Land of Heat), Xuě de tǔdì (Land of Snow) , Huāhuì de tǔdì (Land of Flowers), and Qiūtiān de tǔdì (Land of Fall). They’re majorly separated into different parts of the world two on each side (East and West, North and South). The first book of this story is based primarily in Xue de tudi, The Land of Snow.
Plot: The main Protagonist is the mysterious Blacksmith whose name is unknown. He is contracted to one of the villages within the continent to create a sword stronger than any in the region, which in fact, would take many months to create. So he does it reluctantly.

The chapter focuses on his journey to the village. It’s treacherous, rough, and riddled with snow storms. But sense he is from the continent, it’s not a challenge for him to cross. During him crossing the great Fādǒu de River, a large river that connects both the Snow and the Fall continent, He stumbles across a young girl trying to cross the river the opposite direction he is crossing on an iceberg.

That's all i'm explaining. The rest---you'll find out soon...

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Action, Adventure, Blacksmithing, Chinese Culture, Fantasy, Giant Hammars, Gods, Swords
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