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Classic Sketchbook Complilation
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Here is the Classic Sketchbook compilation I said I was going to post. It is posted in the Fan comic section because I don't want to clutter my fan art portfolio with all of these sketches and this would be a better way to share them. It will be more organized and I will add more sketches when I have time to add them.

The cover is an older version of myself as an anime character dressed as Seto Kaiba. It is based off of my 9th grade sketchbook cover. I had fun drawing and coloring it. I tried to make the cover look like a professional-ish manga cover except of course this isn't a manga. But I plan on making one someday.

Please enjoy these older sketches of mine. I've never shown these to anyone besides people I knew in real life before so it is a great privilege to share these with you.

Feedback is always appreciated. And this is my first submission in the Fan Comic category. I'm excited!
UPDAte: New tags added to allow for more different types of future sketches.

UPDATE 2 6/16/19: UPDATED the cover.

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