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Out from the dusty hard-drive and revised, looky here. it was revised last year before things went berserk.

Today we have three dudes(I admit, I draw a lot of females). Yes all of them are male, even the one on the right. Maybe time to give a little something for the females to look at. Not exactly fan service, but at least they're redrawn.

Names are: (left to right)

Church Gallion - Space Smuggler/Dealer/Middleman. Once a pilot for the USG military, Now self established Street smart Arms Dealer. Captain of the "Vanessa".
Chance Draken - Space Courier. Happy go lucky and Naive. Church saves him from death by pirates. Dragged along in the Non-sugar coated real world. Now co-pilot of the "Vanessa". His piloting skills are better than Church's.
Rue Nivecki - Tech Savant/Engineer. Metro and feminine looking, but does not act like it, Gentle-side does pop out sometimes. He comes from a family of geniuses. Needs a challenge. He's the mechanic and Co-captain/2nd command of the "Vanessa".

Vanessa (not pictured) - Self aware space freighter built by Glauss Orbital Co and enhanced by Chancellor Nivecki (Rue's father). Holo-persona. She is an advanced AI handles all sensors, life support, and armament. Very Sassy.

I guess you can say these are my OCs from a story that was abandoned. I'm not a good writer so yeah, maybe someone with better writing skill may pick it up. Story title: "Jackets" cuz you know space is cold. brrr.

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