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***********DISCLAIMER!!!! PLEASE READ FIRST**********************
I am not an art master nor claim to be one. All of the guides or blogs depicted here aren't the only way to create digital art. In fact, some of the items here were gathered from different sources and compiled(original authors will be credited) and other items I post, are acquired on my own. The main reason why I created this book is to share my thoughts and experiences throughout the years from drawing as a digital artist. There are many, countless, things I wish to learn in the future (maybe a thing or two from here). Hopefully these illustrations will reach out to my fellow artists on this site. Some of the techniques shown are subject to change as I eagerly try to find new ways to create/draw illustrations and experiment. Fin.

Recent Updates:
[Nov-21-2017] - New Page Added [Aesthetics] Stylizing Line Art
[Jul-11-2017] - Character Body Struc.pt1
[Jul-10-2017] - New pages Added

Older updates will be moved to bottom of page.

For all those who don't know, my main art software is Photoshop CS6. I've tried other programs and for some reason, I always came back. Maybe I'm just too comfortable and yet I learn new things about this program that makes me enjoy it more. My hardware is Wacom(I know these aren't cheap, and PS is no different, but there are many alternatives that are not expensive at all). I have experienced other hardware and drawing programs, and as far as I can tell, The artist is the one thing that dictates the outcome of an illustration no matter what hardware or software you use. That being said, this book is mainly about PS(I will try to translate for other programs if I know about them).

This book is open for discussion. I don't know if the artists here are willing to do so, but I'm open to anything you have to say. I'll ask a question here and there on this site, and so far, the responses have been great. I'll try my very best to keep up. Also, I do not mind if someone takes my artwork to retrace, recolor, or to deconstruct. I firmly believe that anything I create here(mainly my work), are products of what I consider a hobby and therefore shared. I wish to keep it rolling and make this awesome community even better(or at least attempt to do so).

Maybe some of you have seen my world with a similar title. That has been scraped in favor of this "comic style" world.
Two reasons:
1)No high resolution photos. I like to add text to the illustrations so that you can download the whole picture and not have to worry about missing context. The old way forces me to reduce quality and you can barely make out the text. Killjoy.
2) I've noticed that the placed images in the worlds have a slight transparency when embedded. This can really distort the color accuracy of the image.
I really do think it's for the better and going forward, will update this only. I think that covers everything, so Tally Ho!

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