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A Myth in the Real
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EDIT Mwa hahahaha >XD I finally redid the cover for A Myth in the Real!!! Mwa hahahaha...o-o No clue why I'm evil laughing...^^ But I hope you like the new cover~! te hehehehehe XD I killed two birds with one stone..Not really just a saying but yeah this was for a contest XDDDD

XD My new manga!!!! ^^''' >>' Yeah people who are in cf are probably made at Poochy DX I'MA SORRY!!!!!! I'LL TRY TO DO SOME PAGES FER IT!!!!!!!!!

Eh hehehe well since I kinda suck at summaries I'ma not gona do one X3 Plus if I did do one then I would have ta fallow it XDDDD o-o I'm better at making it up as I go...Hehe I already changed it from how it was supposed to start out....

Um so yes! ^^ I dedicat this manga to my friend Kurihara Akane T-T But you probably won't see this for a while(unless your on today before ya had to go ^^) And by a while I mean 2 months T-T I miss you Akane DX

Er um....Well enjoy A Myth in the Real~!

Love YaZ~!
PS sorry the cover looks kinda crapy right now >>' I drew each of them again on a separate piece of paper cause I didn't like how the first cover looked >///< So later I might redo this....And sorry if the other pages look like crap ^^' I'm still learning how to do some of the stuff on the computer.......

All character (c) right me(Littlepooch) but Slyvie who is Moonsailor's OC ^^

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