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Through the Emerald Fields of Hoenn
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Hello everyone, it's been quite a while hasn't it? Well I'm back (but for how long, I wonder...) and with a brand new project to share with the rest of you veiwers! Yes, at this very moment I am undertaking the intense Nuzlocke Challenge starting with the Hoenn region. "Why," you ask. Just for shiggles really, that and I've been reading a bunch on dA. Originally I was going to start with Sapphire (seeing as how I'm a Virgo and all), but then I remembered that Emerald is the combination of Ruby and Sapphire! This fact plus the fact that I wanted a greater challenge made me go for Emerald.

So what is Nuzlocke? For those of you who are familiar, you can skip everything and continue reading my comic. However the rest of you should stop and read.
Basically the Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules a player imposes on themself as they play through one of the Pokemon games with these three as the main rules:

1). If any Pokemon faints (including your starter Pokemon) that Pokemon is considered dead. (Unless maybe you have a revive? But that is still up for discussion)
2). You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each area. No duplicates and you are not allowed to catch anything else in that area.
3). You must give every Pokemon a nickname.

I also added my own extra rule to make this challenge that much harder on myself.

4). You are only allowed to own 12 Pokemon at any given time. With 6 in your party and the other 6 in the box or in daycare. If you happen to catch more Pokemon than allowed you must go to the nearest computer (probably in the next town at the PokeCenter) and release the appropriate number of Pokemon until you are back down to twelve.

So yes this challenge is going to be veeeeery interesting to say the least, and with that I hope you all enjoy this more than I will drawing it.

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