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Hello everyone! This is my first challenge so I hope this won't be too hard for some of you. I tried to go as simple as I could, even though this is supposed to be a challenge. ^^;

I don't see alot of iWall/iPad challenges floating around, so I thought this would be a cool and creative one to make~ I don't think this one has been done yet, but I apologize if it has!

The theme of this challenge will be: Swords and Guns. Basically, I want you all to make two iWalls/iPad Walls with a Sword theme and a Gun theme. I don't have any examples, but it sounds rather self-explanatory, right?

As for rules, here's where I get strict. Please follow them. Rules have a purpose.


◦Follow TheO's Guidelines.

Each person entering must submit 2 entries. The first entry must have a sword theme, and the second a gun theme. It can either be two iWalls or two iPads, or even one iWall and one iPad, as long as you submit 2 entries containing said themes.

◦This is not limited to just Anime/Manga. You can use Video Games, Books, Movies, TV Shows..ect. Just as long as it fits the themes.

Please, please, PLEASE, link back to your sources. That is a must that absolutely HAS to be in your description. Link all scans, resources, fonts, textures, ect. Source everything! PLEASE.

Absolutely no Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai. There are younger members here that don't need to be exposed to such things. It can be of two guys or girls that are friend-like..just not TOO "friend-like".

◦If you can, please try to keep the blood and gore to a minimum, if you plan on using something to add to it. Not everyone likes this and some may have something against it, so please keep it little to none as much as possible.
(I on the other hand don't mind it at all... ewe)

◦Also, try to use official resources if you can. You may use Pixiv Artwork, but with Artist permission only. If I see that you have used a work of art from anywhere, without permission or it isn't legally published, then your entry will be disqualified. I will check.

Put a good effort into this. I want to see your skills what you can really do. Don't download an image, resize, and leave it plain. Give it some life! Put some creativity into it! I'll leave it up to you if you want to put words on them or not. iWalls/iPads are just as beautiful with or without words.

◦You do not have to dedicate them to me, however if you'd like, you may.

◦You have a maximum of 2 months to complete this challenge.

◦Please..HAVE FUN! I wanted this to be a fun and creative thing for everyone!

Questions or Comments? Don't hesitate to leave me a PM or Comment below!

Now some prizes! Everyone loves those, right? Please keep in mind though, they may take some time to get done, but I will get them done and I will let you know when they are finished!

1st Place – A medal, a gift, 3 iWalls (1 random, 2 requested), Anything of your choice (iWall/Wallpaper/eCard), and 20 Icons.

2nd Place – A medal, a gift, 2 iWalls (1 random, 1 requested), Anything of your choice (iWall/Wallpaper/eCard), and 15 Icons.

3rd Place – A medal, a gift, 1 iWall (1 requested), and 10 Icons.

Again, this is my first challenge please bare with me. I hope everyone has fun! c:


[EDIT]: Congratulations to the winners! I have sent out a PM to you, regarding your prizes, so please check for that!

Everyone else will be sent a complimentary gift for their participation!

Congratulations and thank you so much for all of your amazing entries! I appreciate your hard work!

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