Hifsa Blue!

Hey Guys! ^^

You must be wondering why I keep making these colour challenges, well that's because we need to have more submissions in this area! I started with Red, purely to increase the submissions, but blue holds a personal importance for me as well, because it's my favourite colour.^^

So, what I need you to do is make a wallpaper with the colour Blue in it. It can be any blue, light, dark, but it has to be Blue. And, the people who will submit their wallpaper in my favourite blue colour(which you will have to guess) will get a couple of gifts from me.^^

~Please provide the sources guys. Not all are necessary as we tend to use old brushes and textures but the link to the scan is compulsory, or the entry can get disqualified.
~Can be from anything, not necessarily Anime.
~Must to PG 13 and stuff. Please follow TheO rules.
~Unlimited entries.
~It will be better if it's dedicated to me, so that I can keep track of the submissions. :3


All the 3 winners will get a wallpaper, Mobilewall, and an ecard from me. ^___^

So, get going guys, you have one month! Don't forget to have fun!

And, I'm sorry guys something is not letting me invite anyone. But, to everyone who submitted in my last challenge ans other people, I implore you guys to submit in this challenge!^^

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