Rainbow Dragon (iPhone & iPad Wallpaper Portfolio) { ~ E n c h a n t e d ~ }

{ ~ E n c h a n t e d ~ }

Original image

Screenshots taken from This AMV (at least I think it was this AMV, I downloaded awhile back so I don't remember.)

Inspired by this Song (lyrics also from this song) {Enchanted by Taylor Swift}

I made this iWallie yesterday and it took a few hours to complete. I love Tangled! It is one of my favorite Disney movies. Rapunzel has attitude and I love her hair and she's always saving Flynn (aka Eugene) and fighting villains with a frying pan and a very stubborn horse. But seriously I love this movie.

So for the making of this iWallie I collaged the background with screenshots from an AMV I had on my computer (link to AMV is above, at least I think its the right one but anyway) and I used some textures and photoshop actions with gradients to try to get the perfect balance of color and to try to capture the spirit of the movie. Also used lyrics from "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift as well. Tried to make the text blend in and trying not to draw attention away from the image portion of the wallpaper is hard. But I had fun making this.

Dedication: Sweetdevil
Surprise I'm your iWallie Secret Santa! I hope this iWallie is to your liking. I did my best to do Tangled justice. I really hope you like it. It was an honor making this for you. *hugs*
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy Holidays.

Hope everybody enjoys the iWallie as much as I enjoyed making it! May make a wallpaper version of this sometime. :)

Tangled iPhone & iPad Wallpapers
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