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What Pita-Ten Character Are You?


Cool ^^!

What Lucky Star Character Are You?

Yep this is SO like me.

What Strawberry Panic Character Are You?

Cute ^^!

What Just A Bit of Magic Character Are You?

That is so me XD!

What School Rumble Character Are You?

Yaay I got Tenma XD!

What Naruto Animal Personality Do You Contain?

I'd rather have a cat but a doggie is my second choice

What Legendary Pokemon Are You?

Awww jirachi is my favorite pokemon ever its so cute and sweet XD!

What Is Your Emblem?

Hope is awsome! i love giving people hope and happiness XD!

What Tsubasa Character Are You?

i'm totally spacey!

What Element Fits You Best?

yes i'm a positive person!

Which SOS Brigade Member Are You?


What Clannad Character Are You?

she's my fav character of all time!!!!

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?

yeah i make a VERY loyal friend!

i love japan! this is just like me!!!

Hi there friend!

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