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What Is Your Ninja Rank?

I LOVE Gaara

What Espada Are You?

#1 baby :D

Which Naruto Guy Is For You?


Which Azumanga Daioh Driver Are You?

Yay!! :D

Which Male Genin Would Date You?


What Straw Hat Pirate Are You?

I'm smart! But I do love me some good meat :)

What Kind Of Villain Are You?


What Anime Youngster Are You?


Who Is YOUR Anime Boss?

kind of creepy.... Am I really supposed to work for HER!?!!?

What Bleach Minor Character Are You?

I love BLEACH and I love this quiz!!!

What Color Link Are You?

I LOVE this quiz!! Everyone who loves Zelda has got to try it out!!!!

What Type Of Gamer Are You?

you should all take this quiz!!!

What Professor Layton And The Curious Village Character Are You?

I really luv this quiz!!

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