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    What is your true personality?

    Shy and quiet.
    Determined and outgoing.
    Afraid and weak.
    Rude and Independent.
    Evil and Cruel.

    How do you often react towards other people?

    I'm nice, but I'm afraid they might say something bad to me.
    Iím very loud and hyper, it almost annoys them!
    I'm kind to them, I bet we could be good friends right away!
    I'm awesome!! Everyone will love me and explore around the place with me!
    I don't know. I am quite rude towards other people. I often tease them too.
    I don't talk to people. I'm just bad and I use them.

    What is your favorite type of food?

    German food!! American food is just a piece of bread!!
    I like Hot Dogs!
    Anything that's not spicy. Mostly when I eat spicy stuff, I start to hiccup.

    After your parent or teacher yells at you, what will you say?

    Aww...I'm sorry! I promise I won't do it again! Just give me another chance?
    Sorry! I didn't mean it!
    Oh...I'm sorry. Please forgive me...*cries*
    Look, I know what I'm doing! I can do whatever I want so stop yelling at me!

    In the day time, what are you normally doing?

    Being the way I am and only talking to my own kind!
    I'm mostly listening to music, or singing my favorite songs. I just love to sing and listen to music!
    I often cook, clean, sew, or even do my laundry as well.
    I like to daydream, or imagine things! I would love to write my daydream for a story!!
    Umm.. I just relax on my comfortable chair, maybe drinking tea or taking a both or shower.
    I mostly have a lot of jobs to do. It's tiring! I feel like sleeping, please give me some time to rest.

    You have just forgotten something important! What will you do?

    Go do it, no matter what! I will not procrastinate! I won't stop for anything!
    I must do it now, or he/she will kill me!
    Meh...doesn't really matter to me...
    Go to do it, what else? But someone will have to walk me or drive me to where I need to go, and do it.
    Oh no! I forgot!! What am I going to do? Will I have enough time to go and do it?

    What is one phrase you normally say?

    In your face!!
    Oh dear! :o
    You did it again!!

    You love to:

    Gun slinging
    Be mean
    Tease your friends.
    Daydream or write stories.

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