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    It’s your first day of school. You are…

    Introducing myself to my classmates, making sure not to skimp on the details of my all-too-interesting life.
    Prowling around campus with a particularly twisted grin.
    Silently sitting in the back of the class hoping no one notices the tears running down my face. They’ll think I’m weak…
    Avoiding physical and verbal contact with just about everyone, while trying to skirt to my next class undetected.
    …Excited, and ready to rock and/or roll!
    …Gleefully boasting about all the amazing feats I’ve accomplished recently.
    …Angrily flaming in the corner of the classroom. Boy do you hate school.
    … Happily participating in class like a normal person until I get an answer wrong. Then I burst into an angry fury screaming “YOU LIE!” at the teacher.

    The contents of you backpack consists mainly of…

    …Hair gel, combs, mirrors, sunglasses…
    …If I told you… I’d have to kill you…
    …Books, folders... School stuff, you idiot.
    …Everything I need to get through the day with a smile!^^
    …Knives. Lighters. Things that if found, would most likely get me expelled.
    …All my schoolwork, as well as some rarely-used items. It’s kind of a mess, though.
    …Buzz off, freak!
    …Ah, a mélange of carefully sorted school supplies.

    You often feel like…

    …People are purposely provoking me.
    …My body is housing two completely different minds.
    …Nothing can bring me down!
    …I don't get enough attention.
    …Everything seems to go wrong for me.
    …I’m being watched, constantly.
    …The world will never recognize my true talent. Pity.
    …I was born without a conscience.

    During school lunch, you can be found…

    … Quietly eating in the bathroom, locked in a stall.
    …Sulking in the corner of the cafeteria, refusing to eat.
    …Surrounded with classmates, engaging them in emotional tales of my childhood.
    …Claiming the largest table in the cafeteria as my own, and throwing a fit whenever someone makes an attempt to sit.
    …Slinking through the cafeteria searching for people who look easy to manipulate.
    …Standing in the cafeteria with a chimichanga and a glass of orange juice. Oddly, I don’t like chimichangas; nor do I remember ever buying one…
    …Sitting alone. Others don’t seem to like my company. Jerks.
    …Happily eating, chatting, and making great new friends!

    While in gym, on the football field, a classmate tries to make a pass to you, but accidentally beans you in the face with the ball. You…

    …Give that jerk the verbal beating of his life. And of course, later, when I try to engage him in a civilized conversation, the guy just turns and runs! Well. That was rude.
    …Attack before he has time to apologize. NOBODY hits ME in the face with a ball and lives to tell the tale!
    …Tell him it’s no problem, and hand him the ball back, along with a generous smile.
    …Throw a fit, demanding the teacher call an ambulance immediately. For goodness sake, that student could have given me brain damage!
    …Grab the perpetrator by the arm, and viciously demand an apology. Nobody humiliates ME and gets away with it…
    …Decide it’s probably best if I don’t participate in any more sports for the rest of the day. Or month. Or year.
    …Immediately flip out and shoot off the field, full throttle. Of course, the other students are a little distraught at the fact that I decided to take the ball with me…
    …Flash a compassionate smile as I pick up the ball… Then launch it at their face. While the poor kid lays unconscious on the grass, I give the rest of the class a little pep talk on how if they tell, I will hunt them down.

    Others tend to think you’re…

    …An attention seeker.
    …Off the deep end.
    …A manipulative and unsympathetic dog.
    …Always agitated and spiteful.
    …An egocentric narcissist.
    …Eccentrically happy.
    …Forlorn and distraught.
    …Introverted and nervous.

    On the weekend, you’re most likely…

    …Sitting in my room. Alone. Weeping.
    …In the drama clubs performance of “The Tempest.”
    …Hanging out with friends and just having a great time!
    …Walking down the street, talking to myself.
    …On the couch, bitterly refusing to move.
    …Playing with sharp objects, or burning things in the back yard.
    …Hanging out at the movies, seeing how many cute guys/girls I can catch.
    …Wouldn’t you like to know…

    Regarding the government, you…

    …Could care less.
    …Think they’re all doing a wonderful job.^^
    …Wish I had more of a voice.
    …Have conflicting opinions.
    …Think they’re all idiots.
    …Can’t trust any of them. They’re all liars and cheats!
    …Feel like they’ll never fix the REAL problems.
    …Feel I would make a good king…

    An incredibly attractive man/woman approaches you, and asks if you’d like to join him/her for a movie. You…

    …Can’t blame them for wanting to be with me. After all, I AM amazing…
    …Politely ask “what’s in it for me…?”
    …Suspect he/she MUST have ulterior motives…
    …Give a stately “pfft” then turn around and walk away.
    …Tell him/her that it unfortunately isn’t going to work. You see; I can get a little jealous of myself, sometimes…
    …Give them a huge hug, and tell them I can’t wait.
    …Recite the corniest love poem I can think of, as I pick a flower off a nearby bush, and hand it to him/her.
    …Figure they must have a tapeworm in their brain, or something. No one in his or her right mind would want to ask ME on a date.

    The world is…

    …Out to get me…
    …Naïve and uneducated; though amusing, none-the-less.
    …Nothing without me.^^
    …Cold and distant.
    …A romanticists dream filled with the illustrious illusions of beauty and wealth. An well-built though delicate fantasy.
    …A sick and twisted place overrun with evil.
    …Confusing, that’s for sure.
    …Such great fun!

    The first school dance of the year finally rolls around. You are…

    …Putting on the show of your life in the center of the dance floor.
    …Having so much fun hanging out with your friends! Too bad there’s only one dance every month!
    …Quietly wondering how I got there in the first place. And who is this boy/girl clinging to my arm…?
    …In my room, doing my own thing. Those stupid dances are pointless and expensive.
    …Terrified that my mother insisted I go by stating I don’t get out enough. Now I’m surrounded by lunatics with no means of escape. TRAPPED.
    …At home, wallowing in self-pity at the fact that everyone I know is at the dance… Except for me.
    …Thoroughly amused by the vast number of people humiliating themselves on the dance floor. It’s incredible, really.
    …Surrounded by a large group of attractive guys/girls, showing them how talented I am.

    When it comes to pets, you…

    …Love purebreds. They’re great to show off, and everyone gets jealous.
    …Think it’s nice to have SOMETHING that will love you.
    …Love the attention they give. It’s almost like they think I’m a god!
    …Can’t trust them… My old cat was informing on my to the police.
    …Can’t get enough! They’re all so CUTE!
    …Will never understand why your cat will be purring in your lap one minute, then shivering under the bed, the next…
    …Hate them all.
    …Had a puppy once. My parents still think it died of natural causes. Heheh…

    Your ultimate goal is to…

    …Eat my way to the top of the corporate food chain. Heh!
    …That’s for me to know, and you to never find out!
    …Finally be recognized as the talented individual I am.
    …Find out why people think I’m crazy…
    …Get you out of my face.
    …Feel good about myself by helping those less fortunate than I.
    …Accomplish something I can feel proud of. For once.
    …Rule the world, as I so rightfully deserve.

    Walking down the street, you look over to see some jerk motioning that he wants to fight. You…

    …Are just going to have to rely on my ability to get out of his sight, and pray that I make it home safe.
    …Wave to him with the biggest, happiest grin I can muster. Oh boy, I’ve made a new friend!
    …Are so thankful I stole that vile of liquid nitrogen from my chemistry class! I nonchalantly toss it at his face, then cleverly state “well I would, but it looks like you’re going to be in the hospital…”
    …Knew they were going to send an assassin at some point… It was just a matter of time.
    …Are so incredibly thrilled at my ability to understand his poorly executed body language, that I engage him in a full-blown pantomime conversation.
    …Make yourself as tall as possible, and dramatically exclaim “EXCUSE ME?!” Then drag everyone within earshot into a lecture about how violence is not the answer.
    …Immediately lunge, brutally attacking with all my force. What an idiot, to have challenged me like that!
    …Find myself in the police station trying to convince them that I don’t remember ever striking someone, despite the witness’ testimony.

    Your friend suggests the two of you go camping together. You arrive, and just as you’re setting up the tent, the bush next to you bursts into flames! You…

    …Shriek at my friend for dragging me all the way out there, only to have the campsite catch fire. What kind of sick joke is this?!
    …Scream in utter horror as my friend puts the fire out. Later, when he asks me if I’m okay, I have no idea what he’s talking about…
    …Tell my friend we need to get out of there, so the two of us drive off in a hurry. Luckily, we’ll be able to laugh about it a little later.
    …Scream “I’LL SAVE YOU!” And leap into action, rescuing your friend from the burning flames of death.
    …Knew I’d never get a break. Nothing good is ever going to happen to me.
    …Immediately shoot off saving myself, and leaving my friend to die.
    …Jump to conclusion that this person who you thought was your only friend is now trying to have you killed! Oh no, it’s happening again…
    …Inconspicuously slip the lighter into your back pocket, and act surprised.

    Your friends are…

    …Incredibly insensitive and misunderstanding.
    …Great at giving me the approval I so desperately crave.
    …Great tools for getting what I want.
    …Going to have to recognize that I’m superior.
    …As great a miracle as I could hope for.
    …Often avoiding me. I think it might be out of fear…
    …Untrustworthy and sneaky.
    …Stupid, and often misguided.

    Lastly, pick some words that describe you.

    (choose at least 3 and at most 7 answers)

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