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    What is your favorite color?

    Cool colors
    Any color/ None
    Warm colors

    What is your personality like?

    Sweet, shy, smart
    Kind, smart, brave
    Energetic, positive, confident

    What do you do for fun?

    Sit at the beach drawing pictures.
    Play volleyball/beachball with your friends or do house work.
    Play, play, play! And maybe perform a song or two on your instrument.

    Which of the following shapes do you like the most?


    Do you like sports?

    Umm... Well... I'm not really good at it, but I'll try...
    If it's volleyball, count me in! (depends)

    You want some candy? *offers handfull of candy*

    No thank you. I do appreciate your kind offer though ^-^
    Is it green apple? OwO (depends)
    CANDY!!! *hogs it down* >w

    What do you do when something/someone is annoying you?

    You try to endure it as much as possible so you won't hurt the person/thing's feelings, and when you can't hold it anymore, you walk or run away.
    You get irritated, if it's really bad, you punch him/her/it so hard that the thing/person flies up high in the air almost 15 meters away! O_o
    You get very frustrated and scare him away! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!! >:D

    How do you react in front of your crush?

    Eh? Well, I-I... I like him a lot and he's been my friend since we were little so we get along really well... Though I kind of get nervous in front of him once in a while... ^///^;
    Hmm... well, we get along well, he's nice and cool most of the time, but when he ticks me off, he's gonna get it!!... *tightens fist*
    We're great friends! We get along really well! We play together, laugh together, talk together, and lots more! X3

    Oh no! Your crush accidentally spilled water all over you! What do you do?

    You tell him it's not his fault and apologize to him for not being of any help.
    GASP............*anger mark* WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! *you yell at him*
    You laugh and tell him it's ok! X3

    Your Crush has a little scar on his arm, what do you do?

    Quickly get a handkerchiff and tie it around his arm and ask him if he's okay.
    *sigh* What did you do this time? *gets a hadkerchiff and cleans it* Better now? *smile*
    GASP, YOU'RE HURT! *You drag him to his house and let him rest while you take care of his scar*

    Something happened and it's bothering you. What do you do?

    You try to hide the dread inside your heart behind everyone's back.
    You smile to make it better.
    You don't like to show your weakness and act as if nothing happened and continue your normal life.

    If you could have any of these three gifts, which would it be?


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