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    Firstly, are you male or female...?

    I'm an MAN! *sticks out chest*
    I'm female.

    Which word describes you the best, do you think?


    What is your favorite colour? (I'm sorry its a little cliché, but I have to ask.)

    I like ALL colours! *sparkley grin*

    Would you say you are naive? (The type of person who'll believe anything people say.)

    Er... Yes. *cough*
    No. No, I'm not.
    What kind of question is THAT!?

    Are you a playful person?

    Haha! Yeah! Weee! *pokes you*
    I never really thought about it, if I'm honest.
    No, I'm not.

    Are you a little too laid back, or even called lazy at times?

    Hehe. Oh dear... Yes.
    No. Can't say I am, or have ever been called that.
    I'm not sure. I guess I'd have to ask other people what they think.

    Are you sometimes a little too serious?

    *Deadpan* Yes.
    I'm just the right amount of 'serious', I think.
    I don't think I could be serious if I tried! Haha!

    Are you a caring sort of person?

    Of course! Oh dear... Are you ok? Do you need a hand? Want me to rub your feet? Maybe you need a pillow...
    I am caring, yes. But, not to the point of smothering people. Deary me...
    No. I couldn't care less. I'm number one in my world!

    Do you often think that you are misunderstood?

    Yes! *sniff* No one understand me and no one ever will! *melodramatic pose*
    Now that I think about it, yeah. I'd say so.
    Misunderstood!? Hah! No chance. I'm a 'black and white' sort of person, I am. What you see is what you get.

    Now, I'm positive that no one can go through life without at least managing to gain a few of them, so my next question is this: Do you have a secret? (Or maybe even 'secrets'!)

    Heehee. Yes. I do have secrets. BIG ones!
    I have a few. Nothing worth mentioning though.
    Who cares? I'm hardly going to tell you them if I had any anyway!

    Now the less important questions are out the way, we can move on to the more important 'self discovery' type of questions. Just so we can get to know you a little better I'll pull up a few scenario questions. Number one. Its morning and the sun is beaming through a crack in your bedroom curtains and is aimed directly at your eyes. It wakes you from your slumber...What is the first thing that enters your head when you wake up?

    What's for breakfast?
    Mmm, is that coffee I smell?
    Where is my sweetheart?
    Oh lord. I woke up...
    Which country shall I detonate today?

    Ah well... After that rude awakening, you decide to get up. You walk over to your wardrobe and open the doors, only to literally throw on your clothes for the day. What outfit do you happen to be wearing?

    Smartly. Suit, shirt, tie, pressed trousers, shiny shoes. The works..
    Casual. Anything that looks smart, but is just as comfortable as scruffs.
    Sporty. Trainers, jog suit etc.
    Scruffy. You like your jeans worn and torn and your t-shirts as faded as possible.
    Gothic. Black, black and more black!
    Skin-tight sneak suit style outfit.
    Sexy and revealing. Oh yes.

    Breakfast time! You walk into your kitchen and open the doors to your cupboard/fridge. What are you going to have?

    Screw food! The world will end unless I have my coffee!
    Bacon, eggs, mushrooms... The greasy, artery-clogging works.
    ... Ugh... I'm on a diet.
    No food for me thanks.

    You are doing your morning exercises in your garden before you head off to work, when suddenly you see someone you really like walking by... What do you do?

    I'd walk up to them and tell them how much I liked them. It seems silly beating around the bush any longer.
    I'd hang back and see what happens.
    I'd let them make the first move.
    I'd blush wildly.. then ask for their number.
    Go out with their best friend to make them jealous and want me more.
    Kidnap them and chain them up in my basement. Muahahahaa!

    You are walking to work when suddenly you see an old lady being mugged! Don't just stand there, what are you going to do!?

    I'd call the police!
    I'd arrest the evil-doer!
    I'd call my Uncle!
    I'd stand there and watch.
    What are you talking about? I am the one doing the mugging!
    RUN AWAY!!!

    Wow. After that ordeal you feel like you need 6 months vacation. But, alas, you still have to go to work. What job is waiting for you, praytell?

    Law enforcement
    Spy Work
    Body Guard
    Evil Overlord

    It's break time and you are sat around trying to de-stress, as your boss has been seriously getting on your nerves and shouting at you for everything. What are your thoughts at this rather stressful moment in time?

    "I haven't done anything wrong to my knowledge, so I'm not going to worry for another instant."
    "I suppose I had better say I'm sorry, even though I haven't done anything wrong."
    "AHHH! I hope I don't get fired!"
    You are too busy crying to think.
    "I swear the next time he/she opens their mouth I'm going to kick them in the throat!"
    I AM the annoying boss.

    It's the end of the day, which means it's time to go home. Ahhh. Sweet relief! However, on your way home someone across the way gets themselves run over. Oh lordy... Does EVERYTHING happen all at once, or something? What do you do...?

    Run away screaming and hide in a dark room.
    Call for back up/help.
    Take down notes and ask everyone to stay where they were. Could be vital evidence!
    Walk over to the lifeless person an examine him/her. I'm curious about it all.
    I'd be the one running them over!
    Arrest EVERYONE! "Hahaa! Got you now you town of M.A.D Agents!"

    Deary me... You've had quite a day today, haven't you? Its not long now before you'll have to go to bed and wake up the following morning to do it all over again! But, you do have a few moments to spare for a little 'me time'. How do you spend it?

    With my family and friends.
    Tidying up. *sigh*
    Reading a book.
    Playing video games.
    Plotting tomorrows works of evil.
    Sat in my room on my own wishing things would get better...

    And finally. The last and most obscure of all the questions... Are you human?

    Yeah! What the heck makes you want to ask!?
    Some people would beg to differ. ;)

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