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    You are in the middle of a busy marketplace, what kind of clothes do you plan on buying?

    The cheapest clothes on the market!
    Clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in
    Bright colors with different designs and styles

    You enter a creepy house with a fortune teller. She asks you what your ultimate dream is and you reply...

    To become the BEST and STRONGEST swordsman
    To find someone or something that I've lost...
    Sorry, I don't want to share my goals with a stranger.

    What is your fighting style?

    Close combat; taunting the opponent; constantly moving around
    Close combat; careful planning; finding the enemy's weakness
    Long range; setting traps and tricks; fooling the opponent

    You enter your favorite restaurant and there is a LONG line to be seated. What do you do?

    What do I do!? I run up to the front of the line, cut in front of everybody, and complain!!
    I'll seat myself! And if they try to stop me, I'll pick a fight with 'em.
    I'll wait if I have the time or go and find a different restaurant

    How good are your cooking skills?

    I'm SO good at cooking, you would DIE to have more! *burns toast* *toaster explodes* Uhh...who wants to order Chinese?
    My cooking skills are average. I can make some easy meals, but nothing fancy.
    I'm a master chef! I can make so many different meals!

    Walking back home in the middle of the night, you notice a mysterious looking man leaning up against a wall. Do you pick a fight with him?

    Of course. It annoys me that he keeps standing there.
    No way...he's just some stalker! I'll just go home...
    No, not unless he picks a fight with me first.

    Well, it looks like your out of money...again. You look at some job ads, which one suites you the best?

    Shop keeper

    Which place is the most exciting to fight in?

    A forrest
    A dojo
    A beach

    You see a man limping along the road. What do you do?

    I'll help him of course! Only for a small fee...hehehe.
    I'll help him walk half way.
    Who cares? I'll keep walking. I don't want to waste my time.

    A shopkeeper decides to give away one free pet to you. Out of the three animals, you pick the...

    Baby wolf

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