Korey RPG Stereotypes: Who Needs Em? YOU DO!

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    Alright, questin time! What are your goals for this journey across the land(s)?

    To slay many a monster and look for the ultimate sword in which I can slay many more a monster.
    To pillage, plunder and take from my enemies (and possibly my "friends)...and steal from them too
    To keep the party together and healthy.
    To save the world, but at a safe and easy to run from pace.
    To increase my knowledge of the mystic arts and become a mighty sorcerer the likes of which no sorcerer has even seen before!

    How do you view your companions?

    As long as they can help me defeat the monsters, I am fine with them.
    They are valuable and need my assitance to help them! I will help my party in any way possible, even at the cost of my own physical attack strength!
    If they can get in front of me and protect me and my lack of close combat skills, I will protect them with my decent long range weapons that really have little bearing on battles.
    They may be inferior to my intellect, but their assistance is required in order for me to complete my charge time for spells and summons, because summoning this power takes time to foucs the raw energy required to *rambles*

    OH NO! Your party is ambushed by a party of wild animals that you could not see on the main map! They threaten to kill you because you travel in their lands! What is your battle strategy?

    Pillage the enemy and strip them of valuable weapons or items and sometimes chime in with my decent damage dealing knife, but this is only a rouse to keep my "allies" from thinking I would betray them.
    To cast various healing and status changing spells to keep my party healthy and ready for battle, and try not to die myself because of a lack of physical defense skills.
    To fire various projectiles at my opponents and deal enough damage to keep them annoyed enough in order to set up the big strike from the brute of the party.
    To use various elemental spells and exploit the elemental weaknesses that all enemies within the common area seem to all share.

    What are your skills?

    What are skills?
    Pillaging, plundering, deception oh and stealing too.
    To cast various healing and status altering spells in order to help my comrades.
    None really to speak of besides being able to target specific limbs on the body in order to disable any skill related to them.
    Casting various elemental spells and summoning mythical beasts that somehow are under my control and disappear after one use.

    Along the way, you learn that you and your cohorts are desecendants of noble Heroes that defeated an Ancient Evil ages ago and were revered as heroes, but somehow faded into obscurity. How do you react?

    He must have been a mighty slayer of beasts!
    WTF? Why am I not rich then? Some thief... *grumbles*
    The world is always in trouble and I am glad I am related to such a great protector.
    He must have been a really safe guy, to be considered a hero.
    I know who he is, since he is my recently deceased master. Magical Sages always live superhuman lifespans in order to pass on their knowledge to the younger generations. Let's face it, no one wants an old mage in the party.

    You also learn that an Ancient evil that your ancestors fought is threatening to be released, because your ancient ancestors did not actually defeat the moster- preferring to seal it instead. The leaders of this world appeal for your aid. What do you do?

    Emphatically Agree, but only to slay more beasties.
    If the pay is good...
    The world is in danger again?! I MUST HELP DEFEND IT!!!
    Can't we just play it safe? No? *sigh* Ok I'll help....
    I will defeat this power in order to prove that I am the supreme magical being within this realm.

    You arrive at the lair of the Ancient Evil, normally a fairly convoluted and often pointlessly long dunegon that requires the use of your skills obtained along the journey. As you trudge through this area, your head is filled with reminscent parts of your Journey. What are you thinking?

    Man, my sword is dull...I better sharpen it.
    We'd better not have missed any rare items along the way because if we did...duuuuuddeeee.
    Only a few more steps until we save the world again and achieve peace.
    I hope we don't run into too many more monsters....Not like I'm running out of ammo or anything.
    I need to learn this final ultimate spell in order to smite the progenitor of the world's misery!

    You arrive at the Ancient Evil's room and defeat its many forms, because the amount of evil this beast contains spans beyond one form. After a long, tedious and fairly anti-climatic battle, you emerge victorious! You and your merry men/women promenade back to your original starting point to be revered as heroes and afterwards your party goes their seperate ways. What does your future hold?

    Hopefully more monsters!
    Selling the loot that I obtained for money in order to buy more valuable loot.
    Return to my nunnery/convent and spend my days healing others.
    Return to my forest home, where all ranged figthers live and spend my days hunting beasts from a far distance with my projectile themed weaponry.
    Find a cave and seclude myself until someone worthy of my magical prowess is worthy of taking my powers for their own.

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