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    First and foremost, who are you?

    I'm just a high school student ... that has been pushed into solving mysteries. T^T
    I'm just the assistant to the famous teenage detective. I'm merely here to help her.
    I work for the police force here in Japan.
    I don't know who I am. Can you tell me? How about you let me see your insides!!!!
    *type type type* ... I'm a corpse that lives in a wall.

    You and your partner have gotten wind of a murder that has just taken place. What is your first reaction?

    Come on Yako. Don't make me wait, or I might just have to kill you!
    Come on we better hurry before others get to the scene first.
    Hahaha, what are you talking about? I am the one who committed the crime so why would I be at it? Unless he is there...
    Sadly, I prefer to stay out of these things. Murders are my thing.

    You arrive at the murder scene, what do you do?

    Ummm...I step aside. I really am no good at this.
    I start by looking around and finding some sort of mistake the murderer left for me to find. You could say I have a taste for mysteries!
    I need to interview anyone who saw what happened or who was around.
    Hmmm...I will just take over someone else's image and pretend to be them to see what HE does.
    ACK!!! *panics*

    The case is really close to being solved. What happens next?

    Good because I am starving!!! will he eat the mystery? I wonder....
    Oh good it's almost solved. That means I am free soon!!! XD
    Better make some tea before they get back from the crime scene.
    I got everything I needed to help figure this out. I think it is time to arrest the suspect.

    After the murder has been solved what do you do when you are finished?

    I think I need a smoke break. God this stuff is tiring!
    FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!! YAY!!!! I am gonna go get some because I love food!!! :D
    I think I will explore a bit more and create a new mystery for him to solve and eat it so I can see inside him.
    *falls asleep*
    Well I feel better. Time to get ready for tommorrow! *evil grin*

    Everyone has a favorite quote, what is yours?

    You dare to make me wait this long, slave?
    Is there nothing good left to eat?
    I'm doing this so I can get my revenge.
    I need to figure out who I am inside...let me see your insides.

    How do you feel about the others around you?

    Well, they seem really nice. Yako is always taking good care of me.
    Hmmm. I can't say I have anyone I don't like though Yako and Neuro seem to be doing well at being detectives. But they do get in the way...
    I really don't care for anyone except for one person and that one person is ME!!!!!! >:D
    I really don't have an opinion. All I can say is that life is fun.
    I really like being with everyone; however, I still don't think I come close to being normal.

    Which of these words describe you best?

    Side Kick

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