Korey What Kind Of Man Are You? Condimentally Speaking....

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    So you wake up and get out of bed. What are your thoughts about the day?

    Something might happen today, something might not...either way I don't care.
    If today can be as smooth and cool as I am, I can jive with that.
    ALRIGHT! TIME TO DO SOME MANLY STUFF WITH MY MAN FRIENDS! *Chest beating and fist pumping ensue*
    I'm looking to spice things up a bit, and make some lucky person hot for me.

    After a nice breakfast and shower ( not in that order) you go to your closet/wardrobe and pick out your clothes for the day. What do you wear?

    Plain White T and Blue Jeans.
    Bright, Neon Orange shirt with tight, yellow leather pants.
    Silk buisness suit with suede shoes and designer shades.
    Ripped Jeans, Graphic T-Shirt that says something manly, and a cowboy hat.
    Flower printed polo that is unbuttoned, with tight leather pants and a Hispanic accent to make yourself sound more spicy and sexy.

    Alright, time to head out, what's first on your Agenda?

    I'm going to the Banana Republic modeling show and show off my smoothness to all the other smooth people.
    I'm gonna play a manly game of football with my man buddies, and then go to the man bar and drink some manly drinks!
    I am an actor for the local novellas on your TV station. I play the sexy and spicy man who all the female roles want to sleep with.

    Time for Lunch! What is on the Menu for you?

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, with Plain Pringles.
    Rockstar energy drinks, Sour Skittles, and 3lb bags of pure cane sugar.
    Smooth and delicious noodles, that slide smoothly down my ever so smooth throat.
    Steak! Is there any other type of food?
    I would eat some Chile Rellenos with a side of Carne Asada with some menudo and frioles, por favorrrrrrrrr~~~~

    Mmmm...that was good, wasn't it? (I should know, you ate my lunch too) But what's this? Your friend is calling you and asking you to go clubbing this evening. What does this normally entail?

    Being a Wallflower.
    I'm with the Band...so WE ROCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!
    Looking fly, smooth, and all that smooth jazz.
    I'm already there! But if you gotta know, I ride the mechanical bull till I puke and then laugh and pound back more brewskies.
    I dance with all the mamacitas, chiquitas, and ladies and make them swoon for me.

    So you're at the club and a fair maiden comes before your vision. How do you approach her?

    Walk up and say in a monotonic voice "Hey...what's up?"
    I'm in the band dude! Girls come to ME!
    Offer a smooth line like "Hey baby, are you a thief? Because you sure done stole my heart."
    I'd buy her one of dem fruity drinks, like a maragriter or sumthin.
    I entice her with a dance and then give her a soothing shoulder massage.

    Now it's time to head home. What's your method of transportation?

    My mom's Ford Focus.
    The Rock Bus of RAWK!!
    My smooth Lexus.
    My manly, mud drenched, pickup truck that I had lifted 5 more inches off the ground to make it more manly.
    My spicy El Dorado with the Virgin Mary painted on the hood.

    Time to catch some Z's now. As you drift into unconsciousness, you reflect on your day. How was your day?

    It RAWKED.
    Smooth as silk...
    Spicy and sexy.

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