Hisokurapica Which Genei Ryodan Member Is Your Ally?

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get to know who could be your frien
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    What type of member would you prefer to be your ally?

    I prefer a male ally.
    I prefer a female ally.
    Anyone will do.

    Do you Like a weird looking, cool or somewhat cute members?

    I like the weird ones.
    I like cool looking ones.
    I love cute members!
    None of those..I prefer only strong people to accompany me.

    What Nen ability do you prefer?

    Materialization type.
    Transformation type.
    Strength type.
    Manipulation type.

    What age do you prefer for your ally?

    Age 19.
    Ages 24-26.
    Age 27.
    Ages 28-29.
    Ages 30-35.

    Choose a color.

    Dark blue.

    Do you like an ally who uses weapons or bare fists?

    I prefer a weapon user because they look strong.
    Bare fist only..Who needs weapons when you could use your hands?
    Neither. I like those who use other unique kinds of combat skills.

    Do you like someone that is taller or smaller than you?

    I like those that are taller than me. (I could use them as a shield...hehe)
    I like those that are smaller than me. (Makes me have the advantage in height)
    Size doesn't matter.

    Do you like your friends to have long hair?

    No Way! Short hair is much better.
    Long hair, Short hair, No hair, Doesn't matter to me.

    Your ally likes to..

    Steal someone else's Nen and other techniques.
    Break the opponents arm.
    Shoot bullets using his own hand.
    Play cards and intimidate others.
    Use a thread to track down or prevent an enemy from escaping.
    Use a sword to behead anyone who angers him.
    Use brute force and pure muscle strength in combat.
    Use a gun and be able to see other people's memories.
    Use a vacuum cleaner as a weapon.
    Control people and play with them as if they were in a videogame.

    You are a person who..

    Likes to play videogames and online games.
    Likes things to be neat and tidy. Sparklingly clean.
    Likes to know other peoples secrets.
    Likes to fight. I could take on a whole gang of weaklings.
    Stays calm but is angered easily.
    Likes to sew things.
    Likes to play cards and other fun games.
    Likes playing slingshot.
    Enjoys playing arm wrestling.
    Wants to learn other peoples neat tricks and hobbies.

    Did you like this quiz?

    Definitely! I want to have the best member!
    Yup! No sweat, just using my hands to pick an answer.
    Weee!!! I hope I get a girl as my partner!
    Nope! This quiz wasted my time.
    Don't know. It was too short. I want more questions.

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