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    Your team has finally been announced to the football field, the announcer talks about what your teams strengths and weaknesses are. However, you do not agree with him. What you are going to do about it?

    Let him say what he wants, we will just have to prove him wrong.
    HA HA HA! The drugs we are taking will increase our chances of winning so it does not matter what the fool says.
    Does he have a death wish? I am gonna kill him!
    Kekekeke. Well that was last spring. We now have a secret weapon so let's put on a good show.
    I do agree with the announcer to an extent but I plan on showing him what a superb kicking team is about.
    He said what? I think I need my baby girl. *goes and cries to his girlfriend*
    What the heck? This announcer does not know anything about our weaknesses. Stupid Monkey.
    Weakness? How dare he! Well, it does not matter because we have already trained ourselves to conquer that weakness.

    Your uniforms are sharp and clean, what do they look like?

    Blue and yellow with an atom and an electron path traced around the entire jersey.
    Primarily red, white and black. The helmet has bat wings and our uniform is the most straightforward in the series, with no flash designs on the jersey.
    They are white, red crosses and white numbers with a black outline.
    The uniform and helmet design features a spider's web which happen to be a black webs on a scarlet background. How smart! We look like Spiderman now.
    Our uniform is brown with yellow trim on the jerseys.
    The uniform is predominantly a light blue. The sides of the jersey and pants feature sea-green fish-scale patterns, while the front of the helmet features a fin of the same color on either side.
    Crimson and Pink
    Our uniform has checkered squares on the shoulders with colors green and blue on the sides.

    By the way, what is your team mascot?

    Devil Bats

    The game has been fierce, the crowd is roaring, and you can't hear yourself think. How are you feeling right now?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)

    "Oh wow! Who is that hot shot?" Yells a cute girl from the crowd. She is trying to figure out what number you are. You're single so you let her see the number on your back, which is...


    What position are you playing on the field?

    Hehehe! I am a super tall line man, but I am pretty new to this.
    I am a running back.
    I am a lead blocker.
    I am the strongest line backer in Japan.
    I am also a line man but I am a veteran.
    I am the sexy and most handsome quarterback in the league.
    I am the play as a cornerback.
    I prefer to be a wide receiver because I am very accurate on where a ball will be thrown.

    There is 5 seconds left on the clock, you are ahead by 2 points, however, the other team has the advantage since they are on the 5 yard line. The running back has the ball and is running directly at you. What will be your signature move to take him down?

    Route Direction
    Spider Poison
    I do not have one because I am a very well rounded player.
    Alright time for my signature move is...ready and I FORFEIT!!!
    High Wave
    Moon Salto Formation
    My signature is killing the opponent no matter what. It does not have a name except "YOU WILL DIE!"

    You just won the game. You are excited and screaming at the top of your lungs with your team mates and crowd. The announcer at your game is thrilled and announces your name because you were the ace. However, the entire football field is so load people are not able to hear him, he needs to repeat it. What is your name?

    Sena Kobayakawa
    Kaoru Hatsujo
    Patrick "Panther" Spencer
    Atsushi Munakata
    Rui Habashira
    Onihei Yamamoto
    Kengo Mizumachi
    Hayato Akaba

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