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    Welcome! My name is Iruka and I will be creating your hunter card today. Congrats on passing the test. First off, when is your birthday?

    July 7th
    May 5th
    April 4th
    March 3rd
    June 6th

    Alright moving on, how old are you right now?


    Sorry for the easy questions, do you happen to know what nen type you are?


    Interesting! I will'll add a bit more information to your card, but may I ask, was the hunter exam difficult?

    Hmph! Not really. I have plenty of skills to kick butt.
    Hehe. No, but I sure had a lot of fun hunting people down during the exam.
    YES! I was scared yet really excited. I am so happy I passed!
    It wasn't anything too difficult since I am an assassin.
    Yes it was, but without my friends I doubt I would have made it this far.

    Really? Wow! That sure is impressive. Last question for your card, what type of weapon do you prefer?

    Fishing rod! :)
    My claws. >:3
    Oh a deck of cards will do.
    My bare fists is all I need baby!
    I'll use a sword.

    Alright! Your card is all done, which color would you like me to print it in?


    Here is your card sir. Now that you have it, what do you plan on doing with it if you don't mind me asking?

    I plan on becoming a doctor and going to med school.
    Well, I plan on buying tons and tons of candy and chocolate.
    Now that I have my card I can hunt down the Phantom Troupe.
    Hmm...*evil grin* With this I can kill others and not have to worry about punishment.
    I am looking for my dad! I believe this card can help me find him.

    Well you have a wonderful day now! :)

    *waves* Thank you so much!!!
    You too, by the way, here is my number.
    Thanks *walks off*
    Thank you. You do the same thing. *smiles*
    Hmmm *takes card and walks away*

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