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    What do you like to do with your free time?

    We are at war! We have no free time.
    Experiment on humans and enhance science and technology.
    Travel through time and space to create my ideal universe.
    Upgrade society.
    Take over leadership positions.

    What saying appeals to you?

    Sontar, HA!
    End of the universe, BYE BYE!
    *farts* Oh my...

    How do you like to travel?

    In military formation.
    I like to glide and hover.
    Time travel, baby.
    Always facing the enemy.
    I like to run free! No restrictions.

    There is a scared human in the room. What do you do?

    Exterminate it.
    Kill and keep the skin for later use.
    Make use of it's brain and destroy the rest.
    Clone it.
    Zap with my sonic device!

    Do you think you are dangerous?

    I obey! Exterminate.
    You will be upgraded.
    *fart* I want to hunt.
    *evil laugh*
    Prepare for war! For the Glory of Sontar!

    Do you like the Doctor?

    ...he will be deleted.
    Oh no! Not him again!
    Exterminate him! I will obey!
    We are at war!
    He is standing in my way. D:

    Do you prefer to be...

    In a booby-trapped life support system.
    Incased in metal.
    In a skin suit.
    In a tux dancing.
    At war.

    Which one applies to you? (Be honest)


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