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    Someone tells you that there is a Twilight quiz that you can take. What is your reaction to the news?

    It's about time we had a Twilight quiz! =D
    Sounds fun! Where is it? *looks around*
    I guess I'll take it later, if I don't forget that is.
    Oh, a quiz! I wonder if it's any good.
    A Twilight quiz? *dies*

    Well then, now that you're here, let's find out what kind of fan you truly are. You know the drill, what is your favorite color?

    OMG, it's bad enough that we have a stupid Twilight quiz, but do you have to ask that damn stupid color question too? *glares*
    How will that tell you what kind of Twilight fan I am?
    Just pick one. I don't think it matters what it is.
    Hmm, I do love Twilight, but I don't remember what their favorite colors are. ^^
    I know what it is! It's white! The color of Bella's wedding dress! :D

    Are you a girl or a boy?

    Eh? Why are you asking that?
    Like you need to know that. *rolls eyes*

    You hear that there will be a special edition released at the bookstore. You go to pick up a copy but there is a mob of anti Twilight fans there who are taunting anyone who buys the book. What will you do?

    I think I'll order it online. There's no way I'm going through those nutty people.
    I'll just ignore them. I don't care what they say.
    *gets out a baseball bat* I'll beat the heck out of anyone who says nasty things about Twilight! >:(
    What are you talking about? I would be one of the people telling them it SUCKS!
    They need to grow up, seriously. It's just a story after all.

    You finally get inside the bookstore, only to find out that the author made a surprise appearance! :o Now's your chance to get an autograph! What will you do?

    OMG HECK YES! *runs everyone in the store over and takes the first spot in the line*
    Oh wow! I wonder how she kept it a secret! *gets in line*
    *starts plotting mischief* >>
    I don't know. I'd like an autograph, but man, that line is sooooo long.
    Well since I'm here I may as well get her autograph.

    It took a while but you finally got an autograph.

    That was nice of her to do that. *heads home*
    I wish it hadn't taken so long but I'm sure I'll appreciate it later.
    Mwahahahahaha! I was the first one! The rest of you are LOSERS!
    Excellent, I can't wait to show my friends.
    Stupid security. *frowns*

    When you get home you see that the newspaper has an article about a new Twilight movie showing soon. What will you do?

    I'll watch it, but I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.
    Ewwwwww, another one? Gross!
    I'll wait until it's been out for a while and then I'll go see it.
    I'll be the first one through the doors! :D
    Nice! I'll be sure to go the first chance I get!

    It's time for bed since you have a busy day tomorrow. What will you do to help you relax so you can get a good night's sleep?

    Uh, the same thing I always do? Listen to some music.
    I love bonfires, I think I'll use a certain book to start it with. >>
    I might read a little Twilight, if I'm not too tired yet.
    I'll read the book of course! That way I'll be ready when I see the movie!
    Relax? I'm too busy calling everyone to tell them how I was first in line earlier today!

    Soon you will find out what type of fan you are. So, how excited are you?

    *headddesks* Why am I here?
    Just a little bit.
    I'm kind of tired, you can tell me the results tomorrow, okay?

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