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    Greetings, oh vile one! How about you introduce yourself?

    It would be wise of you not to poke around where your nose doesn't belong.
    I doubt that's necessary. You've probably heard of me already!
    I would, but I think my dashing good looks speak for themselves.
    Oh right. It's not like anyone knows of me or anything. I'm only in charge of your immortal soul.
    I suppose it makes sense that you haven't heard of me. I'm not exactly popular. Or lucky.
    I'm a pretty influential political figure. If you haven't heard of me yet, just trust me. You will.
    I guess I owe it to you. After all, I have a very unpleasant reputation and I really should try to set the record straight. Just trust me. :)

    Excellent, excellent. How about a few words to describe yourself?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)

    Hmm, that does sound intimidating. Tell me, do you have any enemies?

    Anyone who tries to keep me from the girl of my dreams.
    Just some insignificant boy, hardly a threat, really.
    The king is in my way, I suppose he counts.
    My oh-so perfect brother is a constant thorn in my side.
    The royal family, No one disrespects me.
    That detective. Too bad he's nowhere near as clever as I am!
    According to the prophecy, yeah. Guess I'll have to distract him or something.

    What a pain. How about lackeys? How many minions do you have?

    Try the entire population of the underworld, buddy!
    Just one, but they're pretty useful by themselves.
    Two, and they're my precious babies!
    I have a veritable mob of cronies.

    Are they loyal?

    To their last breath.
    It depends on the situation, really.
    No, not exactly. I'd rather not talk about it, actually....

    So why is it you do what you do, anyway?

    How else am I gonna get any respect around here? I need to run this dump!
    For power, of course. Why else does anyone do anything?
    My enemies need to be taught a lesson.
    Destiny has shafted me and I just want to assume my rightful place.
    I'm just here to help. It's a sin how generous I can be. >:)
    Because I'm smarter, more clever, and more fitting to control the populace than anyone else!
    To get the girl, of course!

    Wait a minute, I seem to have gotten ahead of myself. Just what DO you do?

    I take over kingdoms. I really should be ruling, after all.
    Kingdoms? Psh, that's so small-time. Try taking over the universe!
    I get the girl, of course! By any means necessary.
    I do evil, for I am evil. There is no need to elaborate further.

    Hmm, very fiendish! Do you possess any particular skill or powers that will allow you to accomplish that?

    I know a little magic. It's just what I do.
    I'm skilled at hypnosis and not too shabby at sorcery.
    I am all-powerful and nearly invincible.
    Not really, but I have brains, which is more than I can say for my opponents.
    My unmatched charisma and unrivaled intellect, of course!
    Not much, really. Just all the powers of the Underworld.
    My rugged manly handsomeness!

    Ooh, remind me not to get on your bad side. So what kind of animal do you most relate to?

    A snake.
    A dragon, powerful and dangerous, just like me.
    A beast. A SEXY beast, that is! ;D
    Well, I have a dog. It's more of a three-headed mutant hellbeast, though. Does that count?
    Eels, octopi, all manner of poor, misunderstood sea creatures.
    A lion, you dolt.
    A very large mouse. NOT a rat, however.

    Alright, here's a hypothetical one. Your greatest enemy has overcome all your most fiendish tricks and is ready to confront you head-on. How do you prepare for this final battle?

    I'll tear him apart with my own brute strength.
    I suppose if all else failed, I would assume the largest, most terrifying form I knew. Not that all else would ever fail, of course.
    Ha! if he could get that far, I'd just have him join my collection of eternally tormented souls, unable to escape their unending suffering.
    Let's just say he'd better not turn his back in that moment....
    I'd send him plummeting to his doom, just as I do my other victims.
    Transform into something big and dangerous, like a snake! Unless you can think of something even better....
    Bigger is better! I'll just enlarge myself to gigantic proportions and destroy them all!

    Every villain has a past. What led you to villainy, anyway?

    Life isn't fair. I just wanted to even my own odds.
    Lust for powe-er, I mean, a profound desire to help people. :)
    Evil? I'm not evil! I'm just lovestruck!
    Trust me, if you were given incredible power and then saddled with the worst job in the history of immortal employment, you'd be pretty upset, too.
    This buffoon can't possibly lead a country better than I can. It's just a matter of might makes right.
    I'm so clever and likable, it's like the authorities hand me my loot! It's just too easy!
    I need a reason to be evil?

    Ah, looks like time is up! One more question before we go: What color is your favorite?

    *curses you*
    *punches you*
    *hypnotizes you into jumping into a lake*
    *steals your soul*
    *turns you into a worm creature*
    *drops you off a cliff*
    *puts you in a rube goldberg machine that's rigged to kill you in three different ways as soon as the music stops*

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