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    Ummm, yeah, hi =^w^=.....what would you have been if you wouldn't have had your musical career?

    University graduate. ;D
    Politician~~~*the others stare at him* WHAAT?!
    Tattoo artist or manga-ka.....

    Ok desu, let's move on.....sooo, do you remember any funny stuff you said or did...if not, stuff running through you mind?

    Don't remember for sure, but I guess.....wouldn't you like to know.....*smirks*
    Funny, no, but I don't forget stuff that easily. ^^'''''
    Was dead lazy last weekend.....~_~
    Once I forgot how my stage name's spelling.....*next to him, Ruki laughs*

    Hehehe.....ok *AHEM* .....other facts?

    We want to live calmly outside the spot lights.*serious*
    I love you guys!
    I lied about my birthday.
    Ruki is a guy who joins me when I act like an idiot. *looks next to him*
    I'm at my pace.....

    I do you see yourself?

    I have my own rhythm in life. *serene smile*
    Harsh with others.....with me.....different story.....others see me as a dark person.
    I don't know, someone trustworthy even though I make 'some' mistakes. ^^'''''
    Daredevil to the limit!----but otherwise, pretty ok to talk to.....and open to fun.
    Having them all.....on stage.....let's just say you'd need heart pills, or you might not take it.....but generally, a little evil, yet still fun. *winks devlishly*

    What colors do you prefer?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)

    What metals do you prefer?

    Heavy metal.....LOL!
    Aluminum! You make airplanes out of it! ;D

    How many piercings do you have.....or had?

    Gave up some of them.
    mine are pretty discreet, but most definitely you've seen them at least once. *wide, innocent smile*
    I have four on the right and five on the left ear. ;)
    You didn't see them or was something else drawing attention? xD
    I have some, but only on one ear; can't miss them.

    Thank you for taking this quiz....impressions?

    For a first time and such people to ask *looks around* was very good.
    It was pretty ok, but short.....[don't get me wrong ^^]
    I enjoyed it as it was. ^_^
    So and so.....
    Can't wait to take more; next time, leave the shyness behind.

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