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    Ladies the concert starts in less then an hour, your fashion designers are here to help you with your clothes so tell them what colors you want to work with.

    It has to be girly, so it needs to be pink.
    I love seasonal colors such as spring green.
    Ummm, can I please just have blue?
    I am such a star so it should be yellow like my bright personality.
    Purple, it is such a royal color.
    Ha! Girls, red is where it is!

    Okay, moving on, we do not have much time for preparations ladies, we have a few acts to complete. What is the theme you are picking for the opening act?

    Sporty, everyone can get into it!
    Sophisticated, it has to be more classy.
    Girly, enough said.
    Smart, it needs to be nerdy.
    Fun, as long as it is fun, everyone will love it!
    Actually I don't know, whatever the crowd wants is fine with me.

    I think that will work out really well. The crowd is getting even louder by the moment. I just got word that your boyfriends are here. I am sorry, but which one is your boyfriend again, I am so stressed I forgot.


    Ah yes, you are such a cute couple. Girls, you have 15 minutes to spare to just relax, so please do not mess up your outfits or hair. I will be back in a few with the final adjustments.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    I think I will just read a book.
    I wonder if I have enough time to bake some cookies quickly.
    Ewww! I need more makeup!
    Work it baby work it!!! Yes some quick dance steps is all I need to warm up.
    Bouncing the ball on my knee gets rid of the nerves.
    *figets with fingers* This is the longest 15 minutes of my life.

    I am back ladies! Did you figure out your opening song number? The crowd is getting anxious.

    Single Ladies.
    Whip My Tail.
    Bad Romance.
    Party Rock Anthem.

    Alright, get out there give them a show! Be big, be beautiful, and sing your hearts out! Now GO!

    Of course, I got this!
    I hope my glasses do not fog up on me.
    Do these heels make my butt look big?
    Girls, do you hear them? They are screaming for us, this is exciting.
    I think I can. I think I can. Yes I can!
    I'm ready to shake what my momma gave me!

    Ladies ladies ladies! Wonderful job out there! You were a hit! We have a special surprise for you...

    Oh freash baked goods from France?!?!
    My own private library?
    BRADLEY COOPER!?!?! He is hottest man of 2011 you know!
    Is Katy Perry here? She is so pretty and I love her music!
    Beyonce must be here asking for OUR autographs!
    Oh! Is Chris Humphries here for me? He needs a REAL woman, not one like Kim Kardashian who is fake!

    Okay before we get going we need you to do a group interview and photo shoot! You ladies did fabulous out there tonight. Right on!

    Hehe thank you so much!
    I am ready for my close up.
    D-d-do I look okay? I am camera shy.
    I think I am going to encourage girls of all sizes they are beautiful no matter their size.
    Sister forever!
    If they have intellect questions, I will jump in! We will show them what we Chipettes are about!

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