Imperial Metanoia What Kunoichi From Sunagakure Are You?

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    Time to choose a teacher, what would you do?

    A kind teacher.
    A strict teacher.
    A teacher who rely on your skill and improve.
    A teacher who has few students.
    A handsome teacher.

    The teacher who assigned you, do not like you, what would you do?

    No matter, it is my teacher and I must obey.
    I'm afraid, but I will obey.
    I do not care, I'll kick his/her ass and I prove I am a good ninja.
    Is a good teacher but I hate him/her.
    I don't like him but he/her has a beautiful face.

    There are a partner in your team that got hurt, what would you do?

    I must help him.
    Seeking a place to hide and wait for him to recover.
    I do not care, he can take care of himself.
    The mission is more important, I must leave my teammate.
    The mission is important but I must help my teammate first.

    Your teammate is in danger, and you're away from him,what would you do?

    I'm looking for my teammate to help him.
    I am far, what a shame.
    I get faster to help him, but I care more mission.
    The mission can wait, my teammate can not.
    Now is his/her problem.

    Your kazekage assigns you a mission, what would you do?

    I prepare and give thanks with a excited smile.
    Scream very happy and I leave the office running.
    I ask for more information.
    I do not want to go, I'm not ready yet.
    I am ready to the danger!!

    Your Kazekage is kidnapped, and your superiors don't want you to go rescue him, what would you do?

    Waiting in the village, that is the order of my superiors.
    I want to go rescue my Kazekage, but I must obey my superiors.
    I do not care, I will go to his rescue, he is now more important.
    The village has many shinobi protecting it, I'm on my own to get my Kazekage.
    I want to go but I must obey like a ninja.

    A partner of your team is dead, how you feel?

    Very sad.
    Sad, but he died with honor.
    He died for the best of mission.
    Sad but Happy, I am proud of their sacrifice.
    I feel nothing, that is normal in the life of a ninja.

    You are in a mission, and notice that the enemy is brutally beating your teammate, what would you do?

    Devise a strategy of attack.
    Without thinking, I go and help.
    I hide and wait.
    Attacked from a distance to help.
    He must fight alone, after all is a ninja.

    If you could choose to live on a different village, which one would you choose?

    I like my village so much.
    A strong village.
    In a elite village.

    If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

    I will not say anything.
    The world is adorable.
    I love elite!!

    Choose a metal.


    Choose a weapon.


    What is most important to you?

    My village.
    My Kazkeage.
    My life.

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