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    What is your favorite hobby?

    Frolicking in grassy meadows.
    Singing in the shower.
    Listening to your iPod while attempting to fake-cry convincingly.
    Rummage through my college to see if I have anything that matches so that I can wear it outside tomorrow. (Dear school uniforms, I hate you).
    Write. About anything. I also like dreaming, because I am pro-imagination... if that's even a word.
    Watch dramas/anime and sleep at home, duh.

    Do you like singing in the shower?

    No. /eats onigiri
    I know this isn't the answer to your question but... I wasn't necessarily singing... I was trying to fake cry but it just happened to sound like I was rapping... so yes?
    Sometimes, but not really often, since I'd prefer to think about other things that I'm planning on doing later on.
    I wasn't JUST singing, you have to understand. First, I was harmonizing my voice to the sound of water dripping down the tub, and then it had a catchy beat so I started stomping my feet. With a beat, you need rap. Since I can't rap, I just shouted out random stuff like "FLUFFY PONY BARBECUE RAINBOWS WITH COTTON CANDY FLIES AND TARTAR SAUCEEEE~" and everyone applauded me because, well, I'm just gifted like that.

    You made a snowman and he just melted. What do you do?

    Probably just make it again, but if it's hot, then just go inside.
    Serenade a song dedicated to this tragedy and record it on camera.
    Already? I just knitted this fashionable scarf for him... :( Ah well. Time to give it to my sister and find a sweater that matches it.
    Actually, he never melted. That was someone else's. Mine was in the freezer with me this whole time. We were being best buds as usual making aegyo faces because we're cool like that.
    Write a script for and film a whole drama based on what happened to him.

    What would you do if you won a million dollars?

    Buy myself decent recording equipment, a nice keyboard, a plane ticket, and then save the rest for later when I pass my entertainment company audition.
    Film my own movie of course.... only after I convince Micky Yoochun to star in it.
    I'll buy myself some decent clothing so that for once, my clothing actually MATCHES..(no more shopping for me mom, kthnxbai)... and then I'll save the rest for later use.

    You are a witch and are capable of granting one wish. Which would you grant?

    Whatever mine is. You don't get opportunities like this often.
    A second season of You're Beautiful and everyone has a chance to audition for a part.
    A fellow fangirl sulks because SuJu's concert in LA has just been cancelled.....
    A society in which anyone can get anything they want/imagine/crave/desire with a snap of a finger (or a clap if you can't snap like me).
    HEEHEEHEEHEEE wellfirstofalli'llmakecandymountainandjumpandfrolickwithantsupmynoseandthenitchmyselflikeamonkeyandbuyabajillionballoons. Of course, that's all after I wish for a million wishes first.
    A beautiful house with a view of the beach. In my room there would be perfectly sculpted mannequins that would wear outfits designed by myself. The perfect aesthetic touch.


    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Hello, long time no see! How have you been?
    How are you? (such a convo killer are you really going to pick this one?)
    Hey, I was just rehearsing my part... would you mind helping me go over it?
    Hey there. I'm auditioning for several entertainment companies next Saturday and I need someone to go with me. Would you be interested?
    Hey, how's it going? I have the same shirt as you haha. I really like it, it matches the pants!
    Hello? That's all you have to say to me? I was hoping for something more inspiration... any tragedies that have occured near your area recently?

    Dear Abby, I am going on a camping trip with my in-laws and I don't know how to fish. What should I do?

    How am I supposed to know? It's your problem, not mine.
    Distract them by holding a family concert in which EVERYONE is required to sing, even if it's just singing to Pororo on karaoke.
    Learn how to fish. Is this even a question?
    When they come to you, break down in tears and start telling your life story. By the time you are through, they'll be sympathizing for you so intently that they'll forget that they've come camping.
    Ahh, camping. I'm starting to reminisce. Everything from the sunset to the scenery to the jubilant activities elates me tremendously. Whenever I need inspiration, I go camping. I'm happy for you.
    okayokaysohere'swhatwe'regonnadofirstwrapuparockinasockandthenchargeintothewater.actdeadsoyoudon'tscarethefish,andthenwhenonecomesbytoexamineyou,knockitoutwiththerock. This plan is foolproof.

    Which of these worlds is closest to your dreamland?

    A world that begins blank as a piece of paper. BUT I'll have magical powers so that I can create anything with the snap of my fingers so I can make it however I want it to be later on.
    A world where I can always be on stage without a worry in life.
    Hakuna matata. Worries are for losers.
    I don't have one dreamland, because I have the power to be in several. First, I'll debut in a drama with Micky Yoochun and I'll be the daughter of a chaebol. Though I'll start off arrogant and rude, I'll eventually open up my heart to those around me. Then, I'll be a pauper from the lowest status in the Joseon era, but I'll come across a magical witch who will give me the power to do anything.... the list continues but you get my point.
    RAINBOW UNICORNS AND FLUFFY BUTTERFLIES! The world should be covered with bouncy mushrooms that taste like peaches and apricots and I'll be able to fly like a penguin..... waitaminute. I'd also like to eat ice cream 24/7 without getting sick but you know, I don't want to be /too/ selfish.
    Everything will be perfect. I will get opportunities to design outfits for everyone from Gack't to SNSD to Usui. Yes, Usui is a real person. I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS.

    I have two friends who are brothers. They were born 7 months apart, and they are really awesome!

    I heard they were identical twins. Would it be alright if I tried to design their outfits for tomorrow? I had this spark of inspiration and I think they'd look so good in it.
    You liar, that's biologically impossible. Don't try to fool me.
    I can imagine... yes. They were actually born as twins, but in different dimensions. Though they were born to the same parents, two versions of a mother exist in two different realities. These two twins are destined to meet again in a time when social norms do not dictate self-expression.... /scribbles
    I'm sorry... I thought it would be fun, and so I decided to pretend I was leaving to Japan.. but I actually stayed here pretending to be both brothers... Was I really that convincing?
    ICE CREAM. asdfklasdkfl; okay so yesterday I had this dream that I was living in Candyland, except my bed was made out of chocolate and I puked on it and then butterflies came out, and asdkflasdfkla; after that my room smelled like peppermint potatoes and so yes. oh yeah. I have brothers...

    What comes to your mind when I say "Switch Girl"? (yes it's a manga)

    It's amazing that someone can go from... that.... to... that. Yeah.
    I wish I was in the Japanese live action drama.
    Ahahahah I was bored out of my mind and I suddenly found out this really catchy tune that I can sing the words "switch girl" to.
    It's genius! I hope it becomes a K and T drama. I'd watch those to see how good they are.
    It's pretty good/alright. What a shame, it's not that popular though.

    What is happiness?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Looking perfect every day.
    I'll know what happiness is once I win the part for a drama.
    Singing on stage and having the audience applaud me.
    Happiness, duh. Heehee that's funny.
    There are too many ways to define the word "happiness". I can't speak for everyone.
    Happiness is having hot chocolate in front of the fireplace while taking life slowly.
    Living life to its fullest potential.
    Being able to live my dream.

    I'm in my teens and yesterday, I managed to eat one whole box of pizza (and not to mention the 3000+ calories of snacks I ate to complement it) all by myself.

    I don't think that's a good idea... you may have to go shopping again in the near future.
    But usually when I do that, my throat hurts and I can't sing for two days afterwards.
    Hah, that's impossible.
    Yes. Since you have been eating like this, you have gained 30 pounds in the last 3 years. As a result, you have been bullied. However, one day, a magical fairy godmother will come and turn you into a beautiful young lady. The catch? Your personality will become crude and boorish. I can see it now... /scribbles
    That would make a nice drama...

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    I am going to win the lottery so that I'll never have to get a job..
    I want to be famous.
    I am not sure yet. I'll have to think about it
    I'm gonna chase jellyfish and run free in the wild like a happy squirrel and frolick and eat strawberry ice cream and and and and....
    I'd love to help in the filming/creation of a drama or anime.
    I am not sure. I'll be finishing undergrad soon, and so by then I should have a pretty good idea about what I want to be later on.
    Anything in the world of fashion and I'll be content.
    A singer.

    What's your favorite color? (Haha no I hate these questions. Just choose a random one)

    Oh happy happy happy birthday to you. TO YOU? TO ME? YES YOU. YES ME? WHAT ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT ASDKLADKAL; oh yeah I like strawberry ice cream... heehee
    The number of kpop idols is equal to the inverse of ten times the number of fans squared. Let f represent the number of fans, and k represent the number of idols. If there are 9.01x10^7 fans, then what is the value of K? (Numbers not to scale)
    I love rooftop prince power rangers.
    I like colors that contrast well together.
    That's perfect. Now put the light there.... YES YES YES IT PERFECTLY EMBODIES THE SCENE.
    Time to go watch an anime.
    DON'T PICK THIS ANSWER IT'S JINXED I TELL YOU. If you pick this, you will never see Usui again, I swear. No reverse psychology intended.

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