VanelletteGirl Pocket God: Which Male Pygmy are you?

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    Which islander clothing do you prefer to wear?

    Grass skirt. It's really neat.
    I wear a grass kilt, not a grass skirt.
    I wish I don't have to wear anything.
    I like to be accessorized according to my personality.
    Anything else?

    Describe yourself.

    (choose at least 3 and at most 5 answers)
    Less attentive

    A meteor crushed your friend, but he can regenerate by the power of your tribe's gem/jewel. How would you react?

    He'll come back to life anyway.
    I'm in for the meteor!
    I'm the one who's crushed!
    Let's check it out!
    I blame (put the name of your enemy here).
    I'll crack the space nut open!

    What is your hobby as an islander?

    Playing pranks on someone.
    There's nothing to do around here!
    Eating sand.
    Help out your other friends.
    Always be a leader.
    Try to avoid a temporary death.

    Your tribe was being dominated by deities. What do you think?

    This is unfair!
    What's a deity?
    I wouldn't mind.
    I will praise them!
    I agree with the leader.

    Your tribe discovered a girl tribe. Any reaction?

    But I hate one of them!
    Who should be mine?
    Love the one your friend hates.
    I wouldn't mind.
    I'll find someone who has the similar interest as I do.
    Reluctantly hang out with a girl.

    When your tribe celebrates Christmas, what would you use for decorations?

    Bones. It's an island!
    Dangle island junk on trees to make it look "handsome".

    You were being taken away by someone looking like Santa Claus, but he was only wearing a red-and-green grass skirt. What would you call him?

    Scary, naked fat thing
    Fat, half-naked thing
    Now, why would I call him names?

    You and the Pocket God boy tribe are playing a game. Who do you want to take down first?

    The blue eyed one.
    The hairy, meat-headed dude.
    The buck-tooth fellow.
    The hippie dude.
    The smart-looking pygmy.
    The pudgy one.

    Who would you trust among the two adversaries?

    The blue eyed pygmy.
    The smart leader.

    Your tribe's hut is on fire and your friend was burned in there, what would you do?

    Just stand and wait for him to regenerate.
    Call for help.
    I'm the one burning here!
    I'll help my friend extinguish the fire.
    Act immediately.
    Have a short argument, then help out.

    You're banished from your tribe.

    Fine! Let's get outta here!
    I'll come along with the best side.
    What does banished mean?
    Let's think about this first.
    Be it!
    I'm staying to the side with a responsible leader.

    To whose side are you staying to?

    Klik. He's a very good leader.
    Both. They're epic!

    Do you enjoy this quiz?

    Yeah! It's cool!
    Just give me the answer!
    What's a quiz?
    This is totally fun.
    I hope I get a good conclusion.
    *trips on rock and falls on 'Ask Guru' button*

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