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    You've just met your partner! How do you feel?

    Hopefully this dog is going to be of help...
    How did you forget me?!
    Hurry it up, slouch!
    This dude seems pretty cool!
    But... Maru...?

    Uh oh! Suddenly, you're being attacked! What do you do?!

    Try my best to help my partner!
    Cower in fear- This foe is too strong!
    Fight for my mother!
    Feel the rush of energy and give em' all you got!
    Sit back and let everyone else take care of it.

    What words listed below describe you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    Laid Back
    Quick to React

    Which one of these are your favorite enemy?

    Ice Beast
    Green Imp
    Fire Eye
    Thunder Ear
    Sash Snake

    Suddenly- Issun! What goes through your mind?

    Wow, who's this idiot?
    Hey, why is there a bug here?
    So, this is my partner?
    Waka? Who's that?
    ...He looks like Ishaku...

    Chibiterasu can use the Celestial Brush?!

    Suprising, but not much...
    Squiddy, you've got some talent!
    Hah, thats pretty cool, dude!
    It's what the gods use, right?
    This guy might actually be of use...?

    You have to leave your partner... How do you feel?


    You're separated from your partner when he wanders off and leaves you behind! What do you do?!

    Chase after them, you told them not to go any farther!
    Stay behind- Who knows whats out there?
    Go after them! You can't lose another dog now!
    Call for them to come back, You can't go there on your own!
    Go follow them! Why would they leave YOU behind?

    You're ready to face the huge foe in front of you! Who is it?

    Master Anura
    King Fury
    Ryo and Sen

    The quiz is drawing to a close! OH NOEZ!

    Dude, you should have made it longer!
    I'm hungry... I should hurry this up.
    Not like I care! This is stupid!
    Awww! Why now?
    Well, that sucks... But it has to end eventually, right?

    Which memory is clearest to you?

    Kuni's Posession
    Kurow's Death
    Nanami's 'Squiddy' Freakout
    Kagu's Capture
    Manpuku's Hunger

    Who do you want to be?

    Kuni, of course! Who wouldn't want to be the son of Susano?
    Nanami! I like swimming too, you know!
    Kurow! Being Kurow would be the best thing ever, dude!
    Manpuku! He somehow just... Describes me.
    Kagu, duh! Having Miko powers would be AWESOME.

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