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    For starters, do you prefer a guy or girl character?

    A guy.
    A girl because girls are awesome like that.
    Why should I tell you? (me: geez no need to be rude about it)

    Next, since you're a strong person, why did you seek power to begin with?

    To protect the people I love and care about.
    To be accepted.
    For my own ambitions.

    I know this is cliche but whats your favorite color?


    Let's say one of your teammates is captured on a mission, what do you do?

    Why should I care about them? If they're weak enought to get captured, they're of no use to me.
    Order a rescue mission and follow through with it.
    I wouldn't let that happen to begin with.
    I would use someone as a distraction and sneak in. (me: what happens when the person you use as a distraction gets caught? you: ........then I switch too plan B hehehehehe me: I guess I don't really want to know)
    I would've beat them to a bloody pulp before they could even touch my teammate!!!!!!!
    I would trust my teammate was strong enough to get away on his/her own.

    Ok, next question, what do you think of your hair?

    Why should I care about my hair? It's just hair.
    I used to hate it but now I've come to really like it.
    What a waste of time.
    It's nice, smooth and shiney!

    Next, how about a few personality traits?

    (choose at least 3 and at most 5 answers)
    Pervvy (you: h-hey that's not even a personality trait! me: but you still clicked it didn't you you:............. me: that's what I thought)

    Now, what type of person whould you consider an arch nemisis

    Someone who stands in the way of my research. (me: what type of research? you: ..............*evil grin* do you really want to know? me: n-nope not at all!!!! you: hehehehehe)
    Someone who threatens my family and my village.
    Someone who abandons their friends.
    No one. (me: why? you: because they'd all be dead me: O.o)
    Anyone who disrespects the power of youth! (me: that sounds oddly familiar.......)
    Anyone who dares call me old.

    Any hobbies I should know about?

    Again, why should I tell you?
    Research (me: again with the research? you: hehehe)
    Reading (me: reading what? you: hehehehe're just as bad as the research guy)
    Work out to the fullest extent my body can take.
    Playing strategy games.
    I have none.

    Ok, moving on, what is one of your weaknesses?

    Women ehehehe. (me: perv)
    I have none, I'M INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!
    My brother.
    My comrades.
    None, because I have the power of youth!!!!!! (me: again, that sounds oddly familiar....)
    When people make fun of my hair.
    None, because I'm awesome like that.

    Last, but not least, how would someone describe you?

    (choose at least 3 and at most 5 answers)
    A ladies man. *wink*
    Lazy (you: sorry I'm late, I got lost on the path of life me: .........really)
    Scary (you: didn't you already put that? me: nope, there's a HUGE difference between scary and creepy you: if you say so.....)
    An idiot.

    That's all, thank you for your time. ^^

    It was great being here.
    Great, do I get my sake now?
    Hahahahaha no problem! Since I finished this quiz, it's time to train.
    Ok, bye now.
    What a waste of precious time.
    ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz (me: was it really that boring? T.T)
    If that is all, please excuse me.

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