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    What is your element?

    None, I use my brain.
    Some Magic, but mostly Kung-Fu.

    Fascinating. What is your typical attitude?

    Laid back and humorous.
    Diligent and prideful.
    Passionate and lively
    Calm and contented.
    Dark with a sense of humor.
    Elegant and Powerful.
    Contemplative and serious.

    A new shen gong wu has revealed itself. How do you react?

    Whatever. I can handle this.
    I will obtain it and be victorious.
    I rush for it, there's no way I'll lose.
    I respond diligently, but someone may get there before I do.
    Its mine!
    I'll have someone else get it for me.
    No one is as capable as I am, but wu holds no interest for me.
    I will unleash hell-like fury on my enemies and win the wu.

    You and an enemy grabbed the wu; it's time for a Xiaolin Showdown! How do you handle it?

    I have the moves. I can take on just about anyone!
    With my intelligence I will outwit my foes and win!
    -Pff- Please, this will be a piece of cake.
    I'm not the smartest, but I'm sure I'll do fine.
    When they least expect it, I'll use one of my gadgets and cheat.
    I cheat with my magic of course.
    It's mostly a fair fight, but then again they're up against me and my unparalleled power.
    If my hell-like fury doesn't crush them, then I'll cheat. I am evil after all.

    Okay, pulling away from that now; how would you describe yourself?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)

    You're told to do chores. How efficiently [if at all] do you do them?

    I will probably try to get out of it or leave the job unfinished.
    I will do a fast and thorough job.
    I will do them as quickly and as best to my abilities as possible.
    I will take my time and make sure everything is done right.
    I have a machine for that.
    I don't receive chores, you fool.
    I don't have time for chores, besides I have people for that.
    An emperor of darkness does not have chores.

    Alright. Let's try a more meaningful question. A child is crying alone at an amusement park. How do you help him?

    Tell him a few jokes and wait for a parent or guardian to show up.
    Tell him reassuring things while I try to locate his parent or guardian.
    Try to cheer him up with a toy and help him find his parent or guardian.
    Buy him a treat and help him find his parent or guardian.
    I don't. It's not my problem.
    Why would I help some snot nosed brat?
    I would scare him and laugh as he ran away crying.

    I see. Okay how about this: Your worst enemy is about to fall off a cliff but he/she begs for you to save them? How do you respond?

    *Groan* Do I really have to?
    I will help them. Perhaps after my generous display the will change their ways.
    I would help, but I certainly wouldn't like it.
    I suppose I should help, even if they are my enemy.
    What? I'm not going to help them!
    Please. I would let them fall. One less obstacle to worry about.
    I might help, if there is anything to gain from it.
    I would blissfully count the seconds as I waited for them to plummet to their doom.

    Interesting. Okay, enough with the serious questions. How do you spend your down time?

    Playing sports or a video game.
    Meditating or combat training.
    Communicating with friends and family.
    Eating a snack.
    Working on my next evil machine.
    Plotting my next attack on my enemies.
    Rigorous physical training and studying my foes. They are what stand in my way of victory.
    Planning a way to permanently eliminate my enemies.

    Last question! What is your favorite shen gong wu?

    Sword of the storm.
    Orb of Tornami.
    Star HInabi
    Fist of Tebi-gong.
    Monkey Staff
    Any shen gong wu I possess
    I do not use shen gong wu. I have all the power I need.
    Moby Morpher.

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