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    Hello~!! I'm Toki, it's nice to meet you~ :3

    Ah... Hello.
    Uwah, hai!! >w
    Hi! How are ya doing? ^^
    Hey! Whassup? :D
    Good morning~!!
    HAI EVERYONE~!! ^w^

    Hmm..let's start with some good old-fashioned role-playing!!

    Sounds like fun!
    Oh, I like role-playing!
    Cool. But in RPG games I like to be myself.
    Oooh I've never done this before~!
    Great! I'm familiar with those. :3
    Awesome! Let's start!
    Let's start! Huehuehue.
    Are there animals in it?? :D

    You wake up one morning and feel great. What do you do first?

    Check on my cat. =^w^=
    Have a hearty breakfast.
    Switch on my computer.
    Stare at my spouse~ I like watching him/her sleep, it's adorable~!!
    I yawn.
    Stare at the ceiling and admire the posters on it.
    Anything you wanna do!
    Stretch and start my homework.

    Okay~ You decide that you have time to do something before you go out. What do you do?

    Finish my homework.
    Play with my cat! =^w^=
    Go on the computer to check the stock market.
    Stay on the computer... (duh!).
    Cook breakfast :3 I'm good at cooking!
    Reboot my system...?
    Wake up the rest of my family~
    .........whatever. (STHAP IT! ;_;)
    Drink~!! hohohohoho~

    Yay! You decide to go out. Where do you go? :)

    Bar (even though it's bright outside).
    My part-time job.
    My cafe.
    Stay at home. ._.
    Wherever (insert someone you love) goes.

    You head out. Suddenly, someone comes and attacks you. What do you do?

    Have a nervous breakdown.
    Freak out a little then attack.
    Scream for help and try to fight.
    Attack! This guy is ridiculous.
    Stay calm and attack him with a long kitchen knife (is there such thing? *-*).
    Snatch up something long and sharp. Devise an ingenius attack plan. Attack.
    *run away and look for my parents*
    Grab a long stick and attack him.

    You try to fight the person and seem not to be winning. :o Now what do you do?

    Jerk! Attack!!!
    Freak out.
    Scream and and try to run away.
    Keep attacking. With a proper strategy, we can defeat him!
    ...Start attacking him with two long kitchen knifes, and at the same time, scream "STARBUST STREAM!"
    Impossible! Attack even harder.
    Uwahh!!! *runs away*

    You finally beat the person! Good job! What do you do?

    Eh? Really? YAY!! ^w^
    Phew... ^^"
    What is there to do? .___.
    Drink some beer and shout "Cheers!" to my unconscious opponent.
    Thank goodness...
    Start crying with relief.
    Check whether my opponent is alright.
    Look around for anymore weird people.
    Check whether anyone around is hurt.

    Well either way, before you can do anything, you see another fight going on. What do you do?

    It depends. If I know the person in trouble, I will fight the person who is causing the trouble.
    *run away and call for help*
    Walk off. I have more important things to do.
    Run off >/
    Is it a woman??? If so, I'll help for sure!! :D
    Call the cops.
    Scream for help.
    Jump into the fight and try to stop it.
    Fight the one who is causing the trouble.

    *-* Okay~ Suddenly, the cops come, and they want to question you! What is your reaction?

    Stay calm and answer honestly.
    Are you questioning my innocence?!
    *cries* Bu-but... MAMA!!
    I didn't do anything! Honest!
    *cries* I-I didn't do anything...
    Ramble on about how beer and unicorns taste good together.
    Start mumbling and stuttering.
    Answer truthfully.

    The cops let you off with a warning~ And THE END! Congratulations~ You made it! :3

    Great! ^u^
    Eh? I was doing an RPG? *-*
    Damn those cops...
    Yay! >w
    Great~!! That was fun ^^
    Finally! ;-;
    Awww.. Already? :(
    *claps* Nice story!
    Phew... ^^" That was fun~!! >w

    Anything else to say? :)

    Do you like animals? :3
    Ehh, probably not. I have to go man my shop now.
    I-it's not like I enjoyed your quiz or anything... *blushes*
    Nope~!! ^u^ Thank you onee-san!
    I'm excited!!! :D
    *hiccup* Beer....
    It was nice meeting you~!! ^u^

    'Kay, thanks for coming~ Bye then! ^_^

    Bye~!! :3 We must meet again so I can show you my cat!
    Bye! Thanks.
    Bye, Toki!
    Sayonara, onee-san! *smiles*
    Bye~! Let's meet again~ ^u^
    See ya!!

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