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    Let's start with something simple. What's your favorite color out of these choices?

    White or pink.

    How about your fighting style? How will you defeat the demons?

    Exorcise them!
    Use the rain to drench them!
    Use myself as a projectile!
    Use my sword!
    Use my flute as a sword-baton! Ka-THWACK! hahaha...

    Your journey may be a very long road ahead. How do you feel about that?

    Chibi needs my help, so I'm good.
    Welp, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
    I've gotta make sure the world's safe, and I still need to perfect my abilities...
    Just so long as I can make my family proud...
    Whaaaat? That means no food, doesn't it? Feeling... weak... >.<

    How do you feel about your friends? Which of these best suits your relationship with them?

    I'll help 'em out! We've already been through a lot together...
    I'll help however I can!
    I'd give my life for my friends...
    Whatever they need, I'll try for them!
    Whenever they need me, they just gotta call and I'm there!

    What, of these, matters the most to you?

    My friends and my belongings.
    The safety of others and building up my strength.
    Making my family proud of me!
    My mom! Oh, and my friends, too! And food!!
    Finding who I am.

    Do you have a special element? If so, what is it?

    Yep, it's water!
    Nope, dude!
    Does purity count...?
    Uh, my hair is on fire.

    Lastly, let's end this by telling me your favorite out of these hobbies?

    Music or an instrument!
    Drama or the theater! I love acting!
    Swordfighting or fencing!
    Uhm, does eating count...?

    The quiz is now over. Any last thoughts before you get your result?

    That was fun!
    I could have been training...
    It was a very nice distraction from whatever I should actually be doing!
    Now can I have the free samples?
    Uh, can I have my result, dude?

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