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    What is your favorite color?


    If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

    STEAK!!! A lot of steak!
    The biggest party ever!
    A wild, free place for me to roam in.
    A life of health.
    A tropical, spa-like paradise.

    Would you rather live in the wild or at a zoo?

    The wild! Everything is so free!
    The zoo, where everything is safe and homey.

    How does your day normally go?

    I entertain my fans - which is everyone.
    I try to find a way to escape the zoo.
    Day dream about the wilderness.
    Sleep in until someone forces me out of bed.
    Party all day!
    Run around and worry about everything. Did I get a new scratch?! AHH!

    You are getting a little hungry, but it's not time for lunch yet. What do you do?

    Easy. Take food from a customer when they aren't looking!
    Spit something out, then eat it again.
    Just wait until it is lunch time. It's worth the wait.
    Go and find something to nom on until my food gets here.
    Day dream until it is lunch time.
    Swim around and take a couple of fish from my pool.
    Entertain at my best and hope the crowd throws something into my pen.

    Soon, the zoo keepers come into your pen to give you your lunch. What do you chose?

    Steak! Mmm.
    Some grass or a light salad.
    Sushi! I love me some sushi.
    A few pills; I need to keep myself healthy.
    A fruit cocktail. Healthy, and delicious!

    After lunch, you're in your pen, and a snobby kid decides to start teasing you. By instinct, you...

    Roar at him so he can shut up. He's stealing the spotlight...
    Fart with your armpit. Make the kid laugh, it's better than teasing.
    Do a few tricks to impress him. He needs to lighten up.
    Smile and wave.
    Cling to his feet. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!
    Give him a funky crown and make him join the party!
    Spit out a stroller to make him curious.

    Time to close the zoo for today! The lights are out, the animals are roaming, and the stars are twinkling. You...

    Go to sleep. It's getting kind of late out and I - zzzzzz.....
    Watch the stars with my best buddy. We always watch the stars.
    Try to find an escape route.
    Whew, I need my beauty rest. We've got a long day ahead of us.

    You just found out that your friend's birthday is tonight. What do you give him?

    You make him a happy birthday song from the heart.
    Give him some cake. Who doesn't love cake?!
    Give him a thermometer. It will be helpful!
    Give him a snow globe with your face in it. Everyone loves me, and I saved the best gift just for him.
    Give him some advice. I know of his wish of being free.
    Throw a huge party!!!

    In the morning, you see that your friend is missing! What do you do?

    Freak out, and automatically go out to find him. He could be out there, lost and cold...
    Nothing. He's probably just day dreaming somewhere, and I've got my own problems to deal with.
    Stay there just in case he comes back.
    Cry. He can't be lost!

    The next day, all of your animal friends are on a boat going to Africa. Your reaction?

    Africa?! That won't do!
    Try to stay calm. This is all just a misunderstanding, and we're going to be fine.
    Freak out. DON'T TELL ME I AM NOT GETTING MY MEDICATION! I'm gonna die...
    Oh, Africa! Sounds fun!
    This is all my fault...

    The boat drops all of the boxes off-board on accident, and everyone is floating in the ocean. When you wake up, you are on an island. You...

    Run around screaming all of my friends' names. I can't die alone!
    Re-group with my crew. We have to get out of here...
    I can't even get out of my box! AHHHHHH!!!
    Go in the jungle and explore. Maybe I can start a party later, and everyone will come following the noise.
    Stay close to my friend. Close enough to hang onto his leg.
    Search for everyone, but keep calm. Everything is going to be all right.

    You find all of your friends, but two of them got in the fight, and have decided to divide the beach. Which side do you chose?

    The "fun side!" (with Alex)
    The "bad side!" (with Marty)
    Just go off on my own. If they can't work it out, I'm not going to chose.
    Make my own group with my main friends and head off to find some way to get off of the island.

    After surviving the island of Madagascar and meeting some new friends, the boat comes to the rescue. You...

    Sun bathe until your friends realize the boat is out of gas.
    OH YES!!! Get on the boat, RIGHT NOW! Oh, home sweet home!
    Throw a party before we leave. We've had some great adventures!
    Say goodbye to everyone, hoping you can come back some time.
    Say goodbye, grab a lei, and get on board. I miss home.

    And that was the end of the quiz!

    AHH. I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE! It was so long...

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