Barrigan of Illia What Fang Are You?

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    *Sweats nervously* First, all weapons away for this question. your favorite color? *dives behind a rock*


    *Looks out from behind rock* Okay now that I got that dangerous question out of the way...what weapon do you prefer?

    Magic of course. Refined.
    Swords. What else?
    Axes. Though I can use others.
    Staffs. To heal of course *shifty eyes* Not to beat people up....

    Good. Good. Now next question isn't to hard. Are you good at taking orders?

    Of course...why? *glare*
    I follow orders only from my master. His orders are absolute...or they were. *puts hand on hilt* Why?
    When they are just. *Confused and annoyed*
    I can give and recieve orders well, but I will not betray my beliefs nor ideals.

    I could have done with out the evil looks but....well that aside I suppose next question: Do you ride a steed...a mount of any kind?

    Yes! Are you blind?
    Uhh... No.
    *evil glare*

    Okay well that gives a good statement: Well I suppose I should ask the obvious, are you a boy or a girl?

    Girl. Again, I ask if you are blind? I'm beginning to think you are.
    Do I look like a woman to you!?
    Clearly I'm a man!
    *evil look* I won't dignify that with a response.
    Don't let the top fool you.

    Okay. I should have asked you guys to put away all your weapons. *peeks out nervously* What do you fight for?

    Those who cannot stand up or speak for themselves!
    I fight for the people of the world who cannot--I am the blade for change! I am the voice of the people and their sword!
    I fight for the one gives me orders.
    Who has to fight *smirk* I kill.
    I did fight for one master. Then I met her...
    I fight ...I do as I am told.

    Okay good to know. Almost done now. Do you have family?

    Yes my brother and father.
    I have no family. I haven't for a long time.
    I don't but...with her I feel like I I want one.
    *sigh* Does one really need family?
    My family are those who fight beside me for the same goal.

    Final Question now! *cheers* On a scale of one to ten...pick a number while I...*runs away*

    Did she really just take off?
    I think I scared her to much....
    Alright then....

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