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    In what way would you describe your ideal traits to someone you're not familiar with?

    I love doing what I'm passionate about, my friends are very important to me and I'll gladly help them whenever they need it.
    I do what I can to get though life. I'm making it through okay and I haven't really lost my chance at staying happy.
    I'll give anyone a hand when they need it. I'm usually good at making decisions or solving problems, at least I hope so.
    I can sympathize with most people, even if they aren't always positive about it. I try my best at what I do and have fun on the sidelines!
    I lead through tough situations. I may not always be right, but I'll be willing to dispel any conflict that arises from my actions.
    I'm only very intimate with people I trust. Often times most people can't seem to figure out my thoughts and I take comfort in that.
    Life is a road that I've yet to travel! If I can overcome the hurdles it throws at me then nothing will bring me down!
    I'm adaptable to any situation and my knowledge is varied and flexible. I'm always looking for more experiences to have.

    A petty squabble occurs between two or more of your friends! How do you react?

    While it's not good to bottle up your emotions, turning on each other is just as bad. Talking it out would be much more sensible.
    A little fight is good now and then, so I'll let them duke it out for a little while. If they keep going, I'm going to step in to try and stop it.
    Something bad is going to happen if they keep going. I don't want to see any of them hurting each other like this!
    I won't let them ruin their friendship over this! I'll stop them immediately, surely they'll listen to me.
    They shouldn't be fighting over something so meaningless. I'm going to stop them before they do something they'll all regret.
    This is getting them nowhere, they're such idiots.
    People shouldn't fight at all! It's horrible...I have to do something fast!
    Conflict between us is inevitable. I think it's silly, but I'll just wait and see what happens in the aftermath.

    It feels like life is stretching out forever, everything is average and nothing really important happens. How are you going during this time?

    I should make the most of the calmness to get everything I need in order.
    I don't particularly care either way.
    I'd rather it be boring then have a lot of exciting things happen. My head feels clearer.
    I feel like this is the high point of my life really.
    I wish there was something more interesting going on at the moment. It's unbearable to be this bored.
    This wont last forever. I think we should make the most of the downtime!
    I can't take this boredom. When I'm bored I just begin to lose control of my mood.
    I'll make an effort to make this the most enjoyable time anyone could have! That way no-one would be bored anymore~

    Something bad has happened to someone you know. Perhaps a death in the family or a harsh breakup. How would you comfort them?

    I'm not sure how I can help. I suppose I'd try to be there for them whenever possible, then work it out from there.
    I'd let em know that everything's gonna be alright and then try to persuade them to do something active instead of moping around!
    I'll probably be crying with them. I don't want them to be alone when they're sad, so I'll share the weight to help them back on their feet!
    It's another hurdle that they will have to overcome. I just want to help them along the way, even if I don't know how to help exactly.
    Even though bad things happen to good people, eventually the good luck will come around and everything will be brighter. I think I'll leave them to find the light instead of directly pressuring them.
    I won't allow them to be sad! Dwelling on it too much will suck the joy out of life, so I'll make sure they don't have to think about it at all!
    I can't believe they're so sad, I'll make sure I talk to them as much as possible to try and lift their spirits!
    I'm sure that once they've cried enough that they'll come around and go back to their old self. I'll always be there just in case though.

    You're not sure how to break ties with someone who has become poisonous towards you. Do you seek help or harden your resolve and tell them your decision?

    I don't feel that well about it. They shouldn't have to drag others down, no matter the reason! I'm not sure I'd confront them though.
    They don't realize that they aren't bringing me down with their behavior, but they continue to act this way. I think telling them off wouldn't really do any good.
    I'm sure they'll get sick of me eventually. Until then I'll probably confide in my friends so I don't let that person get to me.
    If they're going to treat me with disrespect then they are no acquaintance of mine.
    If they want to act that way, then they're free to. There's no point in even talking to such stupid individuals.
    I'll come straight out and tell them that they're being annoying or spiteful, as long as they'll leave me in peace!
    I'm sure there's a way to reason with them, but I don't really know what it is yet...
    I can't believe someone has to go out of their way to be rude to me. I don't think I can deal with this, I really wish I could apologize for whatever I did and make them stop.

    You're at risk of losing someone you care about. You have to make a split second decision that could mean that they live or die, how would you choose?

    I'll do whatever it takes to save them! Even if I might regret my decision, their life is more important than the consequences of not helping!
    There's gotta be a way I can help, I need more time to work it out! Sometimes...you just have to go with your gut instinct though.
    I'll assess the situation first. Even if I lose precious time, I can ensure that the consequences wont come into play.
    I'm not sure how to help, but I'm sure that if I think fast I can come up with a way to save them.
    I won't risk it! I'll do anything and everything to save them, so long as they're still with me in the end!
    I can twist this situation to my advantage to buy more time, I'll focus on distracting.
    I'll do everything in my power to save them, there's nothing I'm more certain of then that!
    I'm not sure what to do...I don't have any experience to base this on but I'll hope for the best when I make my move!

    Your life is spiraling out of control or has already hit rock bottom, how do you handle getting back on your feet?

    Nothing will stand between me and the top. I'll always be up the top, even at my lowest.
    I don't think there is a rock bottom for me. I'll keep climbing and adapting as each change comes, I'll get there.
    I won't let myself be brought down by this! I have people that depend on me and I depend on them. I'll ask them to help me as best they can.
    It's going to be difficult, but I won't rely on others to shoulder my problems.
    I'll have to work all the way back up to where I was, it'll be a long road but I think I'll get there eventually.
    I'm not sure that I'll be able to do it, but it's worth a shot. I'm not sure if I'm patient enough to keep going before I lose it though...
    I'm not really sure what to do...I've always been good at giving advice but I'm not sure how to help myself just yet.
    Maybe I can ask my friends for help? I don't know how to go about it...

    You start to doubt your self worth as a person, do you dwell on the anxiety or ignore your subconscious thoughts?

    Those thoughts are silly! Sure it's okay to indulge once in a while, but I'm not going to let myself give in before the going gets tough!
    Maybe it's time to take a short break and re-evaluate myself. Then I can focus on improving myself to a standard I'm happy with.
    I'll ignore these thoughts as long as possible, I shouldn't focus on them.
    I hardly let such petty thoughts bother me.
    I don't think badly of myself at all really. I'm happy with who I am at the moment.
    Even if I feel terrible right now, I won't falter. People rely on me and I don't want to let them down.
    Those thoughts may come but I won't focus on them at all. There are more important things to worry about.
    To be honest, I really do dislike myself. But I can hide that behind a cheery smile, so no-one has to know or be concerned.

    You're all grown up and looking back on your life. Were the decisions you made the right ones? Did you stuff up a lot?

    I think I lived alright, neither extremely or too conservatively.
    I admit I have made mistakes, but I feel that the good outweighs the bad of my actions.
    Whether good or bad, I feel good that I at least acted! The only failure is not trying at all, right?
    I'd go back and redo some of it if I could, but then that would change everything so that's a no-go. I still like to support everyone though.
    They were good for the time. Now that I look, some of them were a bit strange for me though...
    What happened happened. I think things turned out as they did for a reason and I'll not doubt that.
    I could have made more ideal choices...
    Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. What I did at the time made a difference I think and that's all that matters to me!

    You've now reached the end of the quiz, which might as well be the end of the line. Until next time!

    It was an alright experience either way.
    Well, now it's time to go do something more productive with my time.
    It was interesting.
    It's never over till you give up! See ya!
    I'm so excited for my answers!
    I'm pretty sure I know what I am going to get.
    It'll be interesting to see my results.
    It was fun!

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